Monday, 24 June 2013

Moldiv app for iPhone and iPad

Bear with me, because I want to share one of the best photo editing apps I've found for iOS. It's one of my absolute favourites to use and even just play around with when I'm bored! I've not been asked or paid to write this post; it's just my usual unnecessary excitement over an app!

So, yesterday I was browsing online for a floral crown but I wasn't sure which colours or size would suit me. I decided to be super sad and make a little collage with Moldiv to see, heh.

Both of the crowns Max and I are "wearing" are from ASOS. Does it suit me? At a squint, it actually looks real (on me at least) and I really love the look of mine so I'll be adding it to my shopping cart! This cutout feature is my favourite of Moldiv because you can draw around objects freehand. I'm thinking there's the potential of a Cher Horowitz wardrobe situation where I can "try on" clothes before buying them. There's also the potential to have lots of editing fun too. I call this one, My Life:

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It's super easy to use, especially on the iPad where you've got a bigger screen. Though I also use it regularly on my phone to stitch photos together for Instagram. The amount of features is unbelievable, considering the app is free and as you can see from these screenshots, you can edit stitched photos individually, unlike some apps where you have to edit the whole image as one.

It's a shame that it's not available for Android but a version is expected to be released this Summer, so Galaxy users, look out for it! Read more of Moldiv's features here.

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