Tuesday, 11 June 2013

It's too cold for you here

Flouro boucle blazer - ASOS || Shirt - Forever 21 || Jeans - H&M || Boots - Forever 21 || Bag - Zara

The bout of sun we've had is on its way out (just as I buy a new crop top and another Zara skort) but I'm still insisting on looking summery so it's time to exhaust the white jeans. I actually welcome a couple days of typical British weather because then I won't need to get dressed everyday and go outside! Hermits like me thrive on rainy days.

Recently, I picked up this tiny hamsa hand necklace from Topshop to layer with my sideways cross, since my Orelia horseshoe one broke :( It's sold as a double necklace with a second chain but I took that off with some pliers because it was a naff little cross that I wouldn't wear. It's far cheaper than anything similar I've looked at on Etsy AND it'll protect me against the evil eye (it probably won't) so it ticks all the boxes. I definitely want to start building a collection of delicate necklaces to layer with each other - much more my thing than chunky statement necklaces!

Mini Charm Multirow Necklace - Topshop || Sideways Cross - Etsy

Do I even need to bother asdfghjkl-ing about iOS 7, OS Mavericks, Game of Thrones finale and the return of Pretty Little Liars? ASDFGHJKL!!!


  1. You look great sweety! Have u done post on your cat eye makeup yet? I´d love to know what you are doing makeup wise...


  2. Like the look. Very Classy blazer.


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