Thursday, 9 May 2013

What rhymes with hug me?

Top, skirt and bag - Zara || Shoes - Topshop

Errrr who has handed in all their work and finished second year? YEAH MAN, I am so happy to be free of uni now. Of course, Sod's law meant that the first day I was free it was cloudy and cold and it even rained today. Oh. But it didn't stop me doing some shopping to relax (what feels better than spending money?) and the white part of my wardrobe has subsequently expanded. Sad as it sounds, I can't wait to start wearing more white outfits. My Zara skort arrived (it's love) and I have a feeling that I'll be interchanging that with my white Topshop skirt all Summer.

I also picked up Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess after about two years of wanting it. Yeah it's expensive but I am so easily enabled and reading all the hype recently made it a must buy ASAP. Mmm, mmm and mmm, it honestly does smell so good. Don't know about it smelling 'like Summer' as some people claim, because when I smell Summer I smell meaty BBQs and cut grass mixed with that weird humid smell/feel. But it's definitely light and fresh.

Post title is from this song, which I am obsessed with at the moment. I think I fancy the brunette girl - absolute dream body. This video is also potentially the coolest music video I've seen.


  1. Yeah! Congrats!! So what more time for work? Joking, enjoy your freedom as long as you can!
    Those colors look really nice on you btw..and Estee Lauder Bronzer is a great choice!

  2. congrats for finishing 2nd year!
    the maxi dress is so nice :)

  3. congratulations! :D & I LOVE your skirt and top, you look so beautiful!

  4. enjoy your long summer! i swear at least one thing from your outfits are from zara XD dont blame you :p


  5. Your skirt is gorgeous! The colour is divine and what's that? It's from Zara? Another box ticked - LOVE Zara! x x

  6. super cute Jade. need that bag. i'm gonna get -,- damn
    hope its all good in the hood. all the luck with your exams/revision/uni

    love x

  7. okay how embarrassing i clearly didn't read. YOU HAVE FINISHED. what. not fair. have a super great summer :-) xx


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