Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Seems to me like I'm just scared of never feeling it again

Coat - Zara || Sparkly jumper - H&M || Jeans - H&M || Shoes - Zara || Bag - Zara

Obsessed with my white jeans!! Also I haven't unpacked all the other pants I own yet. But even when I do, I have a feeling you won't be able to separate me from these. The glorious, beauuutiful background is the grounds of my old school. Plenty of people would think it weird to go back to your old school to visit, especially two years after leaving, but I can say it is hands down the best school ever with the nicest teachers and I miss it so much. I was there from the age of 3-18 so that school made me!

Anyway, enough of memory lane. I'm off to play with our new Apple TV and drown myself in coconut water. It's good to be home! Huge GOOD LUCK to anyone reading who is in the middle of exams!! I posted some nails of the day on my Instagram this week so follow me on there for more :)


  1. white is definitely your colour! wish i could pull off that much white in an outfit. also you always make me want to go to zara but then i go and realise i have zero moneys. sigh

    hope you're enjoying home :)

  2. White jeans are the best! They're such a staple -- they go with everything and feel so fresh all year long. You look awesome. Good luck in your exams!

  3. Oooh, I've always wanted to visit an old school of mine but too embarassed to face the situation that arises when I tell them I have an unsuccessful life.

  4. Love the texture of your sweater with the jeans!
    P.S. I enjoy your "if you are reading this..." message.
    Following you on bloglovin'. Looking forward to seeing more!


  5. Looks lovely! How long is your hair!? I´ve got some serious hair-envy!

  6. It definitely isn't weird to visit your old school. I do that too. I even went back to take pictures of it a few months back.

    Though the highlight is your pants, I can't help but notice your blazer too.


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