Sunday, 5 May 2013

Over the love of you

Coat - Zara || Skirt - Topshop || Frilly socks - Topshop || Topshop Allegra boots - via eBay

I finally bought this coat I've been lusting after for too long. It feels GOOD. First seen on Laura in white (Buy Now, Blog Later) and then again on Lily (Lily Bee) in black, it was an internal struggle to decide whether I should get it because it was not cheap. But then I tried it on and there was only one of my size left so I absolutely YOLOed my way to the till with my card and now I'm happily strutting around thinking "ooh yeah look at my perfect transitional coat for Spring." Also on its way to me in the post is that white skort and those sparkly, kind of sheer ballerina flats, both from Zara - Can't. Wait. I completely blame other blogs for enabling me.

Besides a little bout of shopping, it's been work, work, work; you know how it is :(. My second uni year is very much nearing its end and typically, I've been given plenty of seemingly unnecessary work to do while the weather is sweet as hell. I swear the people who run my course are sadists. Once my deadlines are over though, you can guarantee I'll be lounging in the sun like a beached whale (finger's crossed it actually stays sunny). Then I'll be swiftly bombing it up the M1 back to Liverpool for Summer, so London can eat my dust.


  1. This coat is gorgeous! x

  2. really tempted to buy the coat now! but im saving up :(

  3. you look amazing, love the skirt!!

  4. Ah it suits you loads! I love it in white too :)

  5. Oh man, that coat! Looks absolutely perfect with a sleek black tee underneath, and those adorable ankle socks! (: best of luck with the rest of your second year, Jade, I seriously miss that time of my life! xx

  6. So chic!! Nice!! I always forget how young your are..damn, I kinda wish I was 20 again!

  7. Yay for scoring this coat, you
    look nice c; The skirt is cute
    as well c:



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