Thursday, 30 May 2013

Out of the calm in the coldest air

Flouro boucle blazer - ASOS || Leather pants - H&M || Topshop Allegra dupes via eBay

Flies getting in my face when I'm trying to take an outfit pic :@. When my mum saw this blazer she was like "why have you bought such a childish jacket?" I was like WHAT D: but then these kind of comments happen a lot with clothes I buy because, as I remind her often, she just. doesn't. understand. I'm very conscious of over-wearing this, not only because I don't want my next ten posts to include it but because I always feel like my neighbours are hawking me as I leave the house, thinking "she's wearing that AGAIN?" You think I'm crazy but... what if I'm right?

I went to see The Great Gatsby yesterday and it was indeed very great. The soundtrack made the film and I know a lot of people bum Carey Mulligan but I thought Elizabeth Debicki who played Jordan Baker looked amazing. I very much want to be a glam flapper girl. I did start reading the first chapter a few months ago but really couldn't get into it and now I've seen the film, it's like cba?

Goddd I neeeeeeed to get away on holiday! Exercising resumes as soon as the weather gets good again. Might need to make another trip to Nike, heh.


  1. haha..really you pay that much attention to your neighbours? Thats funny! I like the jacket and I am the same..if I like it I wear it constantly!

  2. I don't think it's childish at all! It's lovely. Also, how long is your hair?!

  3. Aww don't listen to your mom, the first thing i thought when the page loaded was AMAZING JACKET! And the way you styled it with the leather pants to offset the whole thing is seriously perfect. Great, great look Jade!

    Super excited about seeing Gatsby, seeing it tonight i think!


  4. I think that jacket is FUN and stylish. Not childish at all! I love the color. But I definitely know what you mean about your mom not understanding your style. I have this adorable white sundress that I pair with a hot pink blazer. It's my favorite outfit (copied it out of a street style photo) and even though I get compliments all the time, my mom cringes when I wear it. She says it's embarrassing to wear a blazer with a dress and I look ridiculous. Sigh.

  5. That jacket is absolutely gorgeous, don't listen to your mum!!!! My mum always makes me by clothes I never wear again haha that's kind of the other way around :p You look stuninng!



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