Tuesday, 21 May 2013

If we meet out on the street I won't be running scared

Blazer - H&M || Shirt - Primark || Leigh jeans - Topshop || Boots - Forever 21

What is going on, Blogger?! All my recent photos seem to be uploading ever so slightly fuzzier than the original. Looking at them is like an itch you can't itch - very irritating. I bought these Marant dicker boot wannabes a while ago with dreams of wearing them with bare legs in the sun. Aw, how naive. Still, they caused a bit of a stir today. Long story short: I will not compromise my footwear just because I have short friends. And I can't help feeling that this outfit would look so much with a bright pink blazer instead of this dusty rose one? (I'm being pretentious now - it's JUST PINK)

Highlight of today was getting a free chocolate pudding in YO! Sushi for filling in some customer survey, pointless shout out to Jay the waiter who is definitely not reading this. BUT they're taking absolute liberties because they've raised the prices of sushi plates by 10p!! Not that it's going to stop me going back but still, that's daylight robbery that is.

Today I have a life lesson for everyone: always carry your phone with you around the house because you never know when you'll need it! I went down to the kitchen last night about 1am to get food and had to climb ON the kitchen counter because there were two spiders (ONE WAS RED) stopping me from leaving. I even fashioned a device made of tupperware, a spatula and a lot of sellotape to trap the spiders underneath but I was too petrified to even go near them!! It was the worst and I was sat like a statue for about ten minutes but thankfully I was able to call the house phone upstairs, be saved and the spiders are now burning in hell for the trauma they've caused me. Melodramatic? Me?


  1. You always look so effortlessly cool. It's a quality I both admire and envy. ;) I love that shirt with the pop of hot pink!

  2. love this! i had this shirt and sold it. wish i kept it T_T tbh, 10p is a lot if you count all the plates you eat altogether ><" ive actually been craving sushi nowaday. cant wait to get my hands on them nooooooom

  3. The colour of that blazer is so lovely.

  4. LOL!!! Your too much...Love the outfit!!!


  5. Itsy bitsy spiders, they can't hurt you! ;)

    In love with that blouse and the pop of color!

  6. I reckon Yo Sushi is a rip off...but it doesn't stop me from going though! Really weird - I've worn a similar outfit to this today! *doo doo doo doo* creepy music, haha xx

  7. gorgeous outfit!

  8. Love the outfit especially the booties!

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  9. Love your outfit. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours on GFC and Bloglovin

  10. Hahaha, awww poor Jade and the kitchen spiders :P
    Eww a red one? Ugh, I hate spiders as well I'd
    like scream my head off.
    But yay for free chocolate pudding! I like your
    outfit, very lovely!



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