Saturday, 11 May 2013

And if you're in love then you are the lucky one

Sparkly peplum top - Miss Selfridge || Jeans - H&M || Shoes - Zara

You can imagine my joy in imagining myself dancing gayly in the sunshine in these shoes as the sun reflects off every little rhinestone, blinding lowly passers by. Unfortunately I have to wait for the current clouds to clear before my dreams can come true. How nice, though? I like the sheer material but then it looks a bit odd if you're wearing bright nail polish, which you can see peeping through in the above photo! A few of the gems have already lost themselves somewhere in London (not surprised) but  Zara have you covered with a little sachet of extra rhinestones. Actually HAH - who is going to take the time to carefully glue them on?

I have to share this video with you. I'm a sucker for wedding videography and this one made my heart melt. The line about having high standards near the end is just asdfghjkl. Who doesn't love love?! I want a wedding like now!!!


  1. You look sweet! Love the peplum top
    and those shoes c: the wedding video
    is sweet and beautiful! Love the
    traditional stuff!



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