Monday, 15 April 2013

I don't even think of you that often

"I'm done."
Blazer - H&M || Top - Zara || Leather pants - H&M || Boots - Zara

A car park? I'm getting desperate... This thin knitted, long-sleeved top is fast becoming my favourite thing since my leather pants (which I need to stop wearing so much). It looks zzz on camera but in real life it's almost sheer, fitted on the arms but loose on the body and the perfect flimsy material to always be flattering. Round of applause to Zara again.

I really need to do something about my hair. (tedious segue...) You know who doesn't need to do something about their hair? Emma Watson. I picked up GQ magazine, which I didn't even realise stood for "Gentlemen's Quarterly, ergo being a men's magazine (yeah, boss journalism student), to fuel my low self-esteem even more. She. Is. Unreal. And a little bit Lana-ish in this photoshoot. I think it's the hair...

Let me just finish by mentioning bloody Game of Thrones. I finally started watching it this weekend and omg I get the hype now. Sex, incest and no character is safe!!? Finally something I can binge watch until the early hours!!


  1. LOVE Game of Thrones! Quite literally the best thing on TV at the moment! :) x x

  2. Love black and white looks, this is so stylish !

  3. A carpark with an Audi and Mini isnt so desperate :) Love the outfit x

  4. Nice look, I like your style c:
    I want to read the Game of
    Thrones first!


  5. These leather pants look so great! You loo so chic!

  6. I really like your outfit and I love paper thin shirt. They're so airy and wonderful!

    Wow, Emma Watson looks so grown up. Is it to help promote the Bling Ring?

    1. Thank you! And yeah it is, I can't wait to see it!!


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