Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This place is too crowded, too many cool kids

Title song: Taylor Swift - 22 (really feeling this song atm - makes me want to go on a run!)
Blazer - Forever 21 || Top - Forever 21 || Textured pleat skirt - Topshop || Double zip bowling bag - Zara || Wedge high tops - Topshop || Cat ears - eBay

It still surprises me that people STARE at me so much when I wear my ears. I get that they're unusual but be more subtle instead of burning a hole through me. Notes about my outfit today: the jumper is more neon in real life and super flimsy for how cold it was today but I'm so over Winter dressing. Really hankering for warmer weather so I can retire the tights and outfit-swamping coats.

The skirt! It was love at first sight when I saw Camilla wearing it and now that I finally own it, life is sweet. Obviously it would look much nicer sans tights but I couldn't wait to put it on. Size down if you're thinking of getting it. The 8 fits like a dream and because of the material and the way it sits on your waist, it is so flattering.

The bag! I bought this a couple of weeks ago online from Zara and like all Zara bags, this is one for life. A bit Wang-esque?! I was thinking of buying the black too but I've recently gotten into Vita Coco coconut water and that ain't cheap so just owning the beige will have to do.

My life at the moment is just work and deadlines and the only thing getting me through is listening to Harry Potter audiobooks.


  1. Best outfit title! I adore the bright yellow and the muted pink bag, Jade! And how perfect are the ears (again), totally fitting in with the 22 MV! Hope you're well lovely, good luck with the workload. x

  2. I want just a tiny ounce of your adorableness. That would be a dream come true. You look so lovely here. :)

  3. Who cares if people stare, you look adorable and you're standing out. I love your cat ears, they add so much personality and character to you. Oh, and I totally dig the neon. I agree with Jen, you are adorable!



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