Thursday, 7 March 2013

The beginning of the end

Everyone needs to sit down. Because I confirm that Justin Bieber is the most attractive male in existence. I am never going to get to meet him and no-one in real life will ever compare therefore I'm done with life. Don't. Even. Worry. About. It.

Explanation: I saw One Direction and Justin Bieber in concert and my tiny heart and eyes can't take it.

I went to The Breakfast Club for apple and cinnamon french toast and it was deeeelicious. The perfect start to a day. Gratuitous pic of me looking mooooody:

I'm also itching (or should I say Lichten' HEH) to see the Lichtenstein exhibition in the Tate Modern but cba paying for it. I'm not an art person by any means but I occasionally find stuff interesting, but then it passes. So meh, should I pay for something that I'll probably forget about a week later?
~~Should art be free?~~ Discuss. (lol JK)

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