Wednesday, 20 February 2013

You smiled at me and broke my heart

Blazer - Forever 21 || Top - Zara || Leather pants - H&M || Shoes - Zara

These photos are from yesterday when it was a beauuutiful day. The sun was shining like no-one's business and I even got my sunglasses out :o Although, some people needed to turn it in and go back home. Wearing flip flops out and fully sunbathing? YEAH it was sunny but still bloody cold!

I bought these in the Summer from ASOS in an attempt to hide as much of my face as possible because when you go away to places like HK and China, foundation is not an option. I love that the lenses have a burgundy tint, although in actual bright sun, you can pretty much fully see my eyes, so these probably serve more as a decorative accessory.

Hah, monochrome outfit and big, black sunglasses; who do I think I am, Karl Lagerfeld? I'm only missing the starch white collar. As much as I'd love to wear black sunglasses 24/7 and have an air of "don't look at me; I'm important" about me, he's the absolute don, whereas I'd look like a weft.


  1. The glasses totally reminds me of Karl Lagerfeld - but with you wearing them, definitely a much friendlier vibe. Love the outfit!

  2. Looove the sunglasses Jade. So Lagerfeld haha ;) I love your blog layout too, feels like it's been ages since I've had time to sit down and read your blog properly! x

  3. I love ur flatshoes.. Totally falling in love with ur shoes <3


  4. love these sunglasses! Anything bug sized i love. LOL I think they help shape and contour the face because of the big lenses!

  5. Really like your style! :) The new layout is lovely! x


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