Saturday, 9 February 2013

Paisley, half moon, heart

In light of having more free time thanks to my three day uni timetable, I'm back into doing my nails. I'm riddled with insecurities but I'm proud of my hands (yeah I'm odd). Even when I've been proper fat, my hands have always stayed slenderly faithful and thanks to my mum, I've got good, strong nail genes. Unfortunately for me, no-one fancies just a pair of hands but I'm on a mission for that to change because one time a boy complimented my nails and that is all I have to say about that.

This was the first time I've attempted paisley nails and it honestly isn't as hard as it looks as long as you've got a steady hand and proper nail art pen. I just used a Sharpie! But when I put the topcoat on, it smudged a little so I need to remember to throw on a bit of hairspray on top of the ink next time.

I reckon the outline one would work better with a darker outline colour but I was feelin' in a light, pastel mood, what can I say?

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