Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hair long, money long

Title song: Mr Smith - Hair Long Money Long
My hair ain't supposed to be this red :(
Jumper , blazer and chelsea boots - H&M
Bag - Zara
Comme des Fuckdown beanie - eBay
I must have been nuckin' futs to buy this beanie hat and then wear it in public. But whatever; the public doesn't know that this is the same girl who buys cat and rabbit ear headbands. I've seen a few people looking like absolute edgy Asians wearing this beanie so I threw my hands up in the air (like I do sometimes) and was like AYO gotta let go of my inhibitions and buy what I want.

Was not feeling well when I woke up today at all so I'm going to take my death slowly in bed and paint my nails for Valentine's Day tomorrow aka just another Thursday for me!!!

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  1. omg you look super pretty! and I just love your outfit :)


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