Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cinnababy you're my one and only

Title song: Delilah - Cinnababy
Blazer - Forever 21 || Top - Forever 21 || Denim shorts - Dorothy Perkins || Shoes - Zara

Ooh lookie here, I've got a new blog design. I made the new header with the Paper by FiftyThree app, which I can honestly say is the best app ever. It's got a beautiful UI and it is so satisfying writing with the 'fountain pen'. (Sounds odd but you'll understand if you try it!) I'm not arty by any means but I was so obsessed after ten minutes of downloading that I paid for the £5 extension pack of different drawing tools. And I never pay for extras if the app is free. Usually really irritates me when an app does that.

Life is on the up because I've discovered a new boss cereal by Nestle called Curiously Cinnamon. It was on offer in Sainsburys; I was curious; the rest is history. Also, in an attempt to dumb down and fun up my uni work (as usual), I'm happily writing a 2000 word case study on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I have definitely mentioned this before but give it a chance and have a watch!! It's as good as Arthur (and we all know that show is BOSS), I'm telling you. I am fully not ashamed because it has a large adult following ok!

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