Wednesday, 30 January 2013

There's nothing like you and me

Lace jumper - Zara
Beaded skirt - Zara
Jersey blazer - Primark
Topshop Allegra dupes - eBay
One of my favourite outfits of late, probably because I got the skirt for £12 in the Zara sale. Also, you can't tell but I'm wearing my new bunny ears from Topshop (actually wore them to uni). Hah yes, just when you thought I couldn't be more of a gimp, I surprise you. Aren't they cute?!
Wow, would you look at that non-existent jawline. They're a bit more inconspicuous than my cat ears but still, I won't be making too much of a habit of wearing them out.

Always being one for adventure and experimentation, I bought each of the limited edition Kit Kat Chunky bars to try out. So far I'm enjoying coconut and I'm excited to try the hazelnut one but that'd be way too much excitement for one day so I'll save it for another.

As I said in yesterday's post, I went to Meat Liquor last night and it was deeeelicious. I had the fries topped with steak and mushrooms topped with cheese. Oh yeah man OH YEAH.

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  1. i love your beaded skirt! You have some beautiful items of clothing xx

  2. that skirt is look great

    p.s I'm currently having a Henry Holland dress giveaway on my blog if you're interested

  3. The cat ears are sick and so is the make up


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