Saturday, 26 January 2013

She ball until she fall that means she shop until she drop

Title song: A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa
Top - Zara
Leather pants - H&M
Lace collar - Zara
It turns out natural light is extremely important!! By the time I go to take my outfit photos, it's dark outside and I never have time in the morning because I'm too lazy. Cannot wait until British Summer Time.

Nothing eventful has happened in the past two months that I've been neglecting my blog. I had so much work over the Christmas holidays and me being me, I chose to do one of my journalism assignments on something that I regretted once I started it. Ended up emailing a pornstar for help (it was relevant) and she completely ignored me. I'm no stranger to not getting replies to a message but is this the lowest of the low? I finished the work without her help anyway, HAH, and since all my January deadlines are over, I've just been chillin'.

I'm really starting to bum Instagram so follow me on that if you want ^-^. Never thought I'd get so narcissistic but yeah, apparently having a front facing camera and a good range of filters does that you to.

And in Justin Bieber news, I bought tickets for his concert in March and still can't find someone to come with me :'( it's only £70 a ticket that is not unreasonable!!!!

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  1. love this outfit! and the jumper looks lovely:)

  2. Great to read your little catch up :) That jumper is stunning - I love the detail xx


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