Friday, 2 November 2012

Well if you want it, come and get it

Title song - really lovely David Gray cover that I'll be overplaying for the next few days.
Jumper - Zara
Dress - H&M
Collar - Zara
I went to court this morning for the first time ever and wow, so much to say. But I have to write up a piece about my experience and hand it in so cba writing a full report twice. Just wondering if it's an offence for female barristers etc to wear proper heels? Kitten heels everywhere, vile.

I sat in a room where a man (big and burly and bloody CUDDLY looking) was getting sentenced for like the PETTIEST "crime" ever. He sold a couple of cars and forged a couple of documents (and had seven mobile phones) but so what? He wasn't a bad man and he looks after his grandmother like 24/7!! I was rooting for him so much and thankfully he only got a suspended sentence and electronic tag, so he's not going to prison unless he reoffends in the next two years! Also, a bit awkward because I was sitting next to his friends and family and they must have been wondering why random students were sitting in, gegging into his private life.

I know I'd be terrible doing jury duty because I'd probably get sucked in by a sob backstory, regardless of whether the defendant murdered someone or something. Sorry that I have a heart!! Not that it's an option for me anyway but I never want to work in law. The amount of paperwork must be so tedious and boring so I have plenty of respect now for anyone doing it.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love the collar! xxx

  2. Wow! That man took a risk didn't he! Bless him for taking care of his grandma though! Must be tough working in law!
    I am loving the collar, it's so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. I love the collar, your outfit is amazing x

  4. You look lovely Jade!
    And re jury service: I'd actually love to do it! I'm so nosey so I reckon it'd be really interesting, as long as it wasn't a hardcore crime or anything!



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