Monday, 5 November 2012

Too young to know about forever

Title song.
Shirt - ASOS
Shorts - H&M
A colourful outfit today which had the honour of being worn while I mopped the living/dining room and kitchen. Who knew mopping was so much hard work? I was actually exhausted and it wasn't nearly as satisfying as hoovering. When I have my own family and house, I'm making sure there's as little square foot of tiled floors or laminate as possible. Oh no wait, that's not happening because with this weather, I'm convinced that the world is ACTUALLY ENDING in December. Selfishly, on the day after my birthday. So it's like "here are your presents but there's no time to enjoy them because you're scheduled to die tomorrow."

I went to the last day of the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery yesterday (admittedly only to get the free posters). It was pretty cool, a real mix of celebrities who were photographed, but I think I'll blog about it tomorrow with some photos. But you can see me in my floppy hatted glory next to Kanye West on my Instagram.

In true 'me' style, I'm not enthusiastic enough to brave the freezer outside to watch some fireworks. Although we are planning to hold sparklers in our back garden tonight and wave them around. I haven't held a sparkler since I was a single digit age and I don't own gloves, so this doesn't bode well for me.

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  1. Loooove your shirt! It's so pretty. :) And I am totally following you on instagram now! Yay! I'm Jenniferb02. xoxo

  2. OH GOD MOPPING IS SO HARD. I used to have to mop part of our 250-seater restaurant when I still worked there, and would literally just die afterwards. You look so lovely, Jade! Absolutely adore those shorts. (: I really wanted to see the LBJ exhibition but simply didn't get the time to, it looked amazing from the reviews! Hope you're well, sweet!


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