Thursday, 15 November 2012

I've been waiting to meet you

Title song.
I went to Covent Garden today to take a couple of photos for our uni magazine project. Mainly ate and shopped.
Blazer - Forever 21
Fur - H&M
Jumper, leggings, boots and bag - Zara
I also got snapped for street style today and that's never happened so I'm pretty much feeling like I've made it. Might put it as an achievement on my gravestone. I was like, "Me? Are you sure?", flapping my arms around and inflating my gimp head a bit bigger. Since I'm pretty much wearing all Zara, it would have probably been easier for him to go in store and snap a picture of a mannequin.

Went home to Liverpool for a couple of days and it was such a nice break. The last two times I've been home I've been waiting for this new KFC to open (they took their sweet time building it). Finally I got to go and it tasted GOOD. I'm a bit double minded whether I should prepare myself for the amount of food I'll eat and therefore weight I'll put on over Christmas, or whether I should just go with it and eat to my heart's content. Considering how cold it's been, I'd love to just literally dive into a huge vat of gravy.

Also bought a new floppy hat and a very dark, vampy lipstick from Chanel :o ~ooh get me~

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  1. Congrats on getting snapped! Lovely outfit :)

    style sincerity


  2. Woo, well done on getting 'paparazzied' haha, you look so cool! Love the fur stole x


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