Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Chanel Little Black Jacket

Some of my favourite photos:

What better way to spend a first time at the Saatchi Gallery than to pine over a jacket that I'll probably never be able to afford. Well I got three free posters anyway.

To be honest, even though it was an exhibition for the Little Black Jacket, it became more about the celebrities and models for me. Like, how random that Joshua Jackson (from Dawson's Creek and Fringe) was photographed?! Kanye West looks super cool and that Asian model with the flowers in her hair is my new idol. Look at that jawline!

I also popped into an exhibition downstairs, although I have no idea what it was about. I thought this was a pretty cool photograph though:
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  1. That exhibition looks well cool!

  2. I need a little black jacket in my life! That last photograph is pretty..interesting! Thanks for the comment, I've just finished my workout, was so bloody difficult but feel better now! Was the first time I've done exercise in forever, deffo worth the 8 quid and can do it in the comfort of your own home without feeling stupid (I did look, very, very stupid)


  3. Thank you for your nice comment! If you're not that keen on your watch anymore, you could always just sell it on eBay, you'll still get quite a bit and it could go towards a new watch :D Also, I really want to move to London to work! Finding it hard to get anyone to reply to me though in terms of jobs Xxx


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