Friday, 26 October 2012

I told myself don't get attached but in my mind I play it back

Title song
Jumper - Zara
Trousers - New Look
Boots - Zara
Hat - Primark
Sorry, gratuitous close-up of me but I really like the lace detail on the jumper and I wanted to show it off. Also, I know I look a bit ridiculous in the hat (I say that every time I wear it) but I'm really into hats at the moment. That and the fact that it was genuinely necessary, even though it shouldn't be this cold yet in October yet, in my opinion. Probably just a phase but I really want a medium sized floppy hat so I can continue to pretend that I'm a glam woman and a wooly bobble hat like this one so I can actually stay warm!

It's Friday which means dentist day for me. I doubt anyone currently reading this has been following my dental ordeal but it's still not over! I'm now best friends with my dentist and she makes me want to become a dental nurse. I seem to be looking for new potential career paths all the time nowadays since journalism isn't ever going to happen.

CAT NEWS: the halls of residence on our uni campus has two pet cats that just roam around campus called Batman and Robin (so cute) but Robin was stolen! It gets worse - the thieves rang up halls and said they'd give back the cat for £100 and halls refused! What the hell!! Poor Robin's photo has already been taken down from the staff notice board and I guess that's it, they're not even bothered!

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  1. Love that your posting more regular now, woo! Love your blog, this outfit is so chic and cool. The furry hat is just so cute (you do NOT look ridiculous!) and the detailing of the jumper is lovely x

  2. Oh god! The cats! :'(
    The hat looks cute on you!
    I'm loving those trousers!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. I love the lace detailing it is very lovely. As a cat lover I am very saddened by the news of Robin.

  4. love the burgundy skinnies and the fake fur hat <3
    x the cookies

  5. That hat is ADORABLE! And it looks so warm and comfy. I need to get one myself for this dreadful winter coming up. Lol.

    Also, I can't believe somebody stole that poor cat and tried to hold him ransom! Wtf. How awful! I hope the cat is okay...

  6. Beautiful outfit lovely, those jeans are stunning!
    Aw that's awful about Robin! We have two cats that roam around our halls too, they're soo cute :3

  7. I LOVE your hat! The outfit is fantastic x


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