Sunday, 23 September 2012

Walk on through the rain

Title song - feeling massively homesick so obv this.
It's back to uni time unfortunately and like I said, I'm feeling the homesickness a lot this time round. You'd think after a year of already being away at uni it'd get easier but no, I think I'm just a one of those special type of weak people. Came down to London a couple of days ago and I've already booked my train tickets home for Friday! I'd be so bad if I had to go to war or something.

My usual housemate who takes my outfit photos is awol in Essex for the time being so I had to get my male housemate to take it for me. I told him not to ask questions and he did as he was told, how nice?! He also said "you always wear soft clothes", meaning I always wear sheer clothes hahahaha.

Studded collar shirt - Forever 21
Collar necklace - H&M
Leather skirt - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Actual teaching doesn't start until Monday so with all the spare time I've had, apart from moping and being depressed I've been shopping. I know girls tend to splurge when they shouldn't and always feel guilty afterwards but the amount I've been spending is actually ridiculous. I never used to buy proper high end makeup but I've been bumming Chanel makeup recently. What the hell? Is magpie-ness a thing? Because I definitely have it for shiny black and gold packaging.
To be honest, looking at it like that doesn't even look like a lot and it makes me want more!

Had a nice scare the other day during our second year induction where I realised just how much work we'd have to do this year. Really don't think I'm cut out for all this! And I saw an advert for Furbys so I guess they're back and I just want my childhood back :(

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  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! & all the chanel goodies look amazing! x

  2. lovely shoes!! and you look super beautiful :)

  3. I'm feeling a little Uni-sick hahah, it's so strange to be at home for the end of September for the first time in three years! Hope you start to shake off the homesickness soon though. (: Love the little gold collar necklace and the contrast between leather and sheer chiffon, too! xx

  4. Those shoes are sick

  5. tres jalouse of the chanel haul, and you look v pretty on the photo - love your hair colour xx

  6. Lovely outfit, amazing shoes too! Hope you feel less homesick soon! xxx


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