Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sennheiser HD 201 review

*scroll down for potentially the most laughable photo of me that you'll ever see*

I was kindly contacted to try some Sennheiser headphones, which couldn't be better timing because I just bought some new Beats so I can compare and gauge how silly I was to spend so much. (I just want to be Miley Cyrus ok)
(Image source: here)

I reckon that me having an iPhone and matching white Beats earphones screams "absolute weft" anyway to passers by but having tried out these over ear headphones, I can confirm that yes, I look like a massive pleb. Although to be fair, the girl on the box looks a bit like one too? 

Sound-wise, they're more than good enough for me. I can hear sounds on tracks that I never could with the standard Apple earphones and because they're over ear, I can't hear any ambient noise if I have the volume loud enough.

Design-wise, the box describes them as "rugged yet lightweight". Yes, they're quite light for such large headphones but YES, they are rugged. They'd look rugged if I were on a train and they'd look rugged if I were walking down the street.

For the price (about £20-25), compared to 3-figure Beats, they're good quality. Personally though, I'd keep them for use at home because like I said before, I LOOK LIKE A GIMP:


  1. I wanted to buy the Monster beats Harajuku lover Wicked Style or Monster beats Harajuku lover Super Kawaii but it is so expensive.. I wanna be Miley too! LOL!

  2. haha, I think no matter how cool you are, it's difficult to pull them off! You don't look too gimpy though and I reckon you could get away with them!! xx


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