Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sasa holiday purchases

Sweet, sweet UK Internet freedom. Having been disconnected from any sort of popular website for the past two weeks (and being told that my IP address had been logged for going on some random, perfectly innocent website), it is glorious to be writing this blog post. Seriously, China need to stop censoring everything!!

So much for being the Summer of change and exercise. All I've done is spend money. Before I went away, I bought a new guitar (yes, still flogging that dead horse)! Thought to myself that it was my one big treat and that would be it. Hah.

Long story short I ended up buying Beats earphones in duty free because by my reasoning, I've wanted them for so long that this was the cheapest I'd be able to get them. Bought a Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid bronzer by accident, meaning to actually buy the Bronze Universal, and I dropped one of the Mac mineralize blushes I got so that's dead and buried. Sigh.  Meh, can't help being so materialistic.

But Sasa didn't let me down. I had fun picking up everything I saw and dropping it in my basket. Being someone who spends 3/4 of their makeup time doing their eyes, these are a few of my favourite things I bought:

Both of the mascaras are fibre so there's a load of tiny hairs on the brushes that stick to your lashes. Unfortunately for me, I was born with like no eyelashes, hence why I feel the need to wear false ones everyday. Pathetically, I still need a special fibre mascara to use on my lashes without curling them! Obviously this still isn't good enough for me. As if I'd give up my precious eyelashes ^_^


  1. they seem really great! thanks for sharing this :D

  2. I've done the same, all i've done this summer is spent money! I do have lots of nice things to show for it although my bank balance isn't too pretty! Very jealous you got your hands on some beats too :) xx

  3. I.NEED.THAT.MASCARA. Having probably the same length as your eyelashes, I understand your woes and think your eyelashes look amazingly long!! Gonna go purchase online, don't care about the price! xx


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