Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pure BB Cream review

Don't worry, I'm not actually turning into a beauty blogger (as if with this face), but I was contacted to review this BB cream and I use one in my everyday makeup anyway so I thought I'd give it a go. Need to practice review writing and whatnot if I'm trying to become a "proper journalist" in life.

I've never seen this brand before and I can't actually find it on any shop websites but I skimmed a few other review posts and it seems it's available in Home Bargains or on eBay.

I received it in the shade light and lol no, it's not light. My skin isn't even that light usually so I can't imagine how really fair skinned people would use this. But the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector that I've been using, another daily blemish balm, is the same with really limited shades. It doesn't work on my under eye dark shadows as a camouflage treatment like it says but then is only a BB cream and not a full coverage foundation. But it does work to even out skin tone.
Highly unnecessary camwhore photo of me wearing the BB cream. Pointless because it's not even a high quality photo but I didn't use concealer and I reckon my skin looks alright.

Apart from having to reapply powder on top regularly to keep my skin matte, it's a good product for the price I've seen online (between £1.99-£3) but I'll save it for when my skin's having a good day.

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