Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hong Kong shopping is BOSS

Ah yes I am in Hong Kong. Thought I'd do a little update via my phone to keep pretending to myself that I'm a good blogger.

I did go to the motherland first but China seems to block websites according to which ones I have on my bookmarks bar, including Blogger eurgh. I'm only on a brief visit to Hong Kong before I go back to Mao's land but it's enough because the humidity is unbearable and I can't be bothered with how busy the centre is. I've already made my compulsory trip to Sasa and spent way too much (but got amazing stuff I wish was available in the UK - will show off when I'm home!) and I may have turned into a massive gimp and finally bought Beats earphones hehehe. Although in my defence, they were in duty free and Miley Cyrus uses them and she's boss so...

Also, I went to the famous Ladies Market and felt like God when I managed to haggle 10HKD off the price but in reality that's like £1. Oh well, I own these now!! Was Mulberry even EST'ed in 1971? Who knows? Am I even bothered? Nay.


  1. So so jealous that you're in HK right now! I miss the Ladies Market so much, always a deal to be had there ;) I've placed a Sasa order online, still waiting for it to come, wish I was just there myself :P enjoy the rest of your hols! xx

  2. these are BEAUT and look well real hahah! good purchases! wish I had been to the fake bag markets in Dubai when I went last summer!

    Ellie (

  3. You should go to Mongkok
    shopping as well! Very
    trendy and cheap stuff
    to buy ^__^
    I don't like the idea
    that China blocks
    Blogspot :c


  4. LOL! Glad your back Jade and those bags are sick.. I always feel like a Boss when I haggle ,even if it is a small amount.


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