Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I'm just selfish, there's no way that I could share you

Title song - in honour of me getting my hands on Believe tour tickets hehe.
Missing my usual live-in photographer. Asked my mum to take today's photos and it took 72 to get just two decent ones! You can't get the staff nowadays -_-
Lace back peplum top - Topshop
I'm starting to acquire lace back things it seems (well, two things). I was overdue to be moody and down and last night it culminated to a bit of an existential crisis. Not going to go into it but I will say that if you can, avoid meeting anyone with the same name as you because they will make you question everything about yourself (if you're anything like me)!

I did what I usually do when I'm feeling down and went shopping and I love this top so much that I had to put it on straight away to show off. Isn't it pretty? I'd avoided buying anything peplum so far because I'm trying to save money and buying anything that wouldn't be in in a couple of weeks probably wouldn't be the best idea but this is too nice. I'm thinking about exchanging it for a size down because the front waist part isn't as fitting as I'd like but then I'm imagining the back just bursting open at the worst time possible.
Sandals - H&M
Bought these wishfully thinking I'll actually be able to wear them but I doubt it since the weather's been so moody recently.

Yoga has been going well, running not so much and I'm blaming that entirely on the rain. Not quitting yet though! My new hurdle is driving - I passed two years ago but obviously haven't ever been on the motorway because why would you risk dying? In August I'm going to have to drive myself from Liverpool to London to move into my uni house and I couldn't be panicking more!! I've re-read the highway code and I'm reinsured on the car so I'm going to spend the next few weeks practicing on motorways. Please pray to your respective Gods for me, thank you.

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  1. Lololol 'you can't get the staff nowadays'! ;) I had to beg my sister for a good twenty minutes before she'd take my latest batch of photos! Bribed her with a Starbucks and everything! I love that top, the lace and peplum detailing is just perfect. Hope you're feeling okay sweet, I had a mini meltdown last week too, resulting in me questioning life haha! So dramatic! xx

  2. i like the outfit and the sandals are sooo cute!
    I'm following you for a long time and I really like your blog. Maybe you would like to pay a visit to my blog, I started to post outfits and I really want to get more oppinions.
    Keep it up!


  3. Love the cut out of the top! So elegant and pretty. And GOOD LUCK with your driving, I'm sure you'll be fine x

  4. That top is so pretty! Also, I giggled all the way through this post; you are a very funny lady. Though not at you feeling down, of course, and I very much hope you're feeling better!

    Emily Wears Things

  5. Your top is gorgeous :) I'm following you now :)


  6. Great pictures!!! Love it!!



  7. I love your top Jade and those sandals are so nice too! Good luck with your driving, i've given up learning haha - I think after 3 tests and 3 different driving instructors its time for a break ;) xxx

  8. Love the detailing in the top ! xx

  9. LOLi know how you feel about taking 72 shots and only getting 2 decent ones! i feel i'm like that too! it's difficult! hahhaa

    but i'm lovin the lace top! it looks really different and unique! flirty and chic too! shopping to make yourself feel better is okay in my book. as long as you can afford it and not end up in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, it's A.O.K! ;) you got good finds anyway!

    i wish you best w/driving and congrats with the yoga! stay with it!

    alex @ caarouselstreet.com

  10. I wish I stuck with yoga. I really want to try the one in the heated room.
    Gorge outfit :) x

    The Lovelorn


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