Monday, 2 July 2012

Damien Rice at Hop Farm Festival

Ahh, such a nice weekend. I stayed in London for a couple days so I could go and see Damien Rice at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent. He is my absolute favourite artist ever so I didn't even mind trekking a boring SIX HOURS on a coach down south.

It was a relatively small festival (or so I'm told - it was my first!) with no sponsorship or advertisement so it wasn't too busy and there was plenty of acoustic music dotted around, which is right up my street. I didn't think festivals would be my sort of thing really, what with the mud and everything but luckily for me, it was a really nice and sunny and more importantly, dry. Couldn't avoid using my first ever portaloo though :( bleurgh.

Enjoying some Pimms!
Don't know if you'd be able to find someone else who would go to a festival (I only went on the Saturday) just to purposely see a supporting act but he was 100% worth it. I can't even begin to explain how good it was to finally seeing him perform live, just urgh, so SO good. I did also get to catch Lucy Rose, a really nice singer/songwriter, and Bruce Forsyth. I didn't know he had a big enough following to be on the main stage but he does apparently and he's very skilled on the piano, who knew?!

I did take my own photos but they're terribly blurry so I've pinched a nice, clear image of the musical genius that is Damien Rice.

Shout out to the people in front with unnecessarily large hats and who liked to talk all the way through his performance - didn't want to kick your ankles at all.

Funnily enough, the headliner was Bob Dylan and of course I know he's a big name and a big deal but my friend nor myself could name a single one of his songs so we didn't bother seeing him. I can imagine that sooo many people would love the chance to see him live but meh, I wasn't too bothered. Does that make me musically uneducated? Hmmm, nah.

Asdfghjkl marry me. Who cares if he needs a new shirt and maybe a haircut?! (Image source: here)

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