Monday, 4 June 2012

Random happenings 6

Finally sitting down to write a blogpost, terrible, I know. I haven't even been extremely busy or anything, just haven't gotten round to getting on Blogger. We had that glorious heatwave towards the end of May, which I spent as minimally clothed as possible and then I moved out of halls, sad times! I love home but I hate change and after finally adjusting to living there, it was sad to leave, especially certain people who I will miss over Summer, boooo. I've been back for a over a week now anyway and I'm back in my homely ways, yay.

Went to see Dark Shadows the other day, which was quite good. Never really fancied Johnny Depp before (I think I'm the only one?) but as a vampire, I dunno, there's something about him! Suffice to say I walked away wanting to be a vampire (just like when I saw Twilight) and in extreme jealousy of Eva Green because she is actually stunning in this film, sooo unfair.
(Image source: here)
Also, Johnny Depp's character, Barnabus, says some lovely line like "Why would you want to be called Vicky? A name like Victoria is so beautiful, I could not bear to part with a single syllable of it." Cue me melting into a soppy puddle of sop in my seat.

"Real world fear" is also setting in now because my mum keeps nagging that I should try and get a job over the Summer. I have years left to be slaving away at a job I'll probably hate; I just want to enjoy my youth as lazily as possible for now, is this so bad?! If anyone reading this would like to give me an easy job that I can do from the comfort of my own home, I will take it.

And this is totally random but my new food phase at the moment is homemade sushi and I'm very proud of my first attempt at it!


  1. Glad to hear your review.. I was wondering if it was any good!

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  2. i lov sushi soo much!

    would you like to follow each others?

  3. I really liked Dark Shadows! I went to the cinema thinking I was going to see Avengers but honestly was a little disappointed when my mates said we were actually going to see Dark Shadows. But I was pleasantly surprised by it though! Very funny film! x x

  4. The sushi looks great :) I wanted to go see Dark Shadows but it's stopped showing at my local cinema. >_<

  5. Ah I wanna see dark shadows, the sushi looks nice, yum.

  6. mmmhh nice sushi :)


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