Monday, 7 May 2012

What does love mean to you?

I wanted to show you a video that I've made for a uni assignment because I'm so proud of it!

I went to Covent Garden with my flatmate who helped film it with all his professional-looking equipment and stopped random people asking them this question. I am not confident by any means so I'm pretty proud of myself for doing that at all and it's unbelievable how many people said no! Eurgh, rejection. But the very few that were nice enough to say yes had this to say:

Also, I wish I could say that my Final Cut Pro skills were this good but they're non-existent so I basically told my amazing flatmate what to edit together and he did it! For some reason it wouldn't upload in HD (booo) but you get the gist.

So yeah, this is my last piece of uni work for this year now. I submit it tomorrow and that's it; my first year is done! Crazy.


  1. Such a cute, well put together video! xx

  2. :O so good jade! omg well done :)

  3. Someone slap the one that said "Fuck all!" Haha

  4. OH MY...

    Currently going through the motions of what love means to me. Just came across this and it made me smile throughout the whole film. May I please blog it? :-)

    1. Thank you very much! Of course you can :)


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