Tuesday, 24 April 2012

All that glitters

OOPS. Was supposed to be restraining myself and not splurging just because I have money now. What was supposed to be meeting a friend in town for food turned into abusing my student loan and walking home a lot poorer :(

I couldn't help it though; there was a sign on the Topshop window saying 20% off for students today. Well, that was absolute LIES. When I got to the till it was only 10% off. Didn't stop me buying stuff anyway!

There's so much sparkly stuff in Topshop at the moment and these are my two favourite things that I bought today:

Bralet & shorts - Topshop
Bought the bralet to wear under sheer shirts, not alone, just by the way. The photo doesn't even do the shorts justice - they're sooo sparkly! So girly and Barbie; I was drawn to them as soon as I walked into the store. Perfect for going out in the Summer.

Thinking of going back to uni on Thursday, even though most people are going back this weekend. I thought it'd be nice to have a couple of days to myself in our flat and even though I spent quite a bit today, I plan on having a nice shopping spree on Oxford Street on Friday. Nothing better than listening to your iPod whilst shopping and spending money! I don't know if it's a bit sad that I enjoy clothes shopping alone. Anyone else?


  1. Love the clothes, before I read it I thought it reminded me of Barbie. Hahahaha I enjoy shopping with my ipod alone too. Not that I am anti social but I find it more therapeutic sometimes.


  2. Argh, hate it when that happens! Or when online discount codes don't go through :( those shorts were a find and a half! Amazingly shimmery x x

  3. I love the thought of the bralet under sheer tops! It's going to make for such amazing ensembles!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  4. Oh my.. LOVE those shorts!!!

  5. Lovely blog.

  6. No not sad, really fun, shopping alone is good because u don't feel bad on making the other person wait for you! But I do like having other people's opinions too! Me likey the outfits, but deffo couldn't pull off the bra with my food belly, summer body work out begins NOW! x

  7. I was just saying this to a friend as well, that I like shopping alone! some me time is quite good. but i do hate it when i really want a friends opinion on something im going to buy and their not there. and pictures just arent the same.x

  8. Soooooo sparkly! I wish I was a girl so that i could wear them! Now i just find girls to wear them for me :(


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