Monday, 13 February 2012

Topshop Allegras but not

Currently sitting on the edge of my seat, literally, because I've just fake tanned and I'm still tacky. As I said in my last post, I'm so happy with my new shoes!

Shoes - eBay
You'd be forgiven for thinking they are actually the Topshop Allegras but they're actually some no brand pair off eBay. Link here! They were only £30 compared to the £70 odd for the Topshop ones and you can't buy them anymore anyway so these are the next best thing. Had to get the seller to email me when they were back in stock but they literally arrived the day after ordering. Happyhappy! 

Haven't worn them out yet but I've been traipsing around my room and they're very comfortable. I don't usually like mid-heel shoes because I think if you're going to wear heels, have them high or don't bother but obviously that's not always practical or comfortable. Consider me a changed girl. (still hate kitten heels obv)

Accessorize Molten Copper
Essie Sugar Daddy
Nails at the moment. Looking to pick up some more of the Accessorize glitter polishes soon; they're all so pretty and unlike some glitter ones I have, these actually still look sparkly in dimmer lighting.

Materialistic post as usual but that's what makes me happy. I know it sounds bad and really ignorant but I literally switch off whenever people start discussing the news and left wing/right wing in my Journalism seminars. God forbid if we ever had to share our blogs in a seminar one day. Everyone would probably be like "wtf is your life?"


  1. amazing find with those boots!

  2. oh those boots! definitely a great bargain find compared to the topshop ones! ahh!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Love the boots, what a bargain! Tempted to buy them myself :) x

  4. wowee those boots are amazing! Love the nails too!

    Love Amie

  5. you write how i think hahaha 'wtf is your life', i know that many people would say this about my life if they were to see it
    apologies im slightly ill/delirious (another wtf is my life moment)

  6. i love the boots. the chunky heel looks like it'd be super comfortable!

  7. those boots are amazing, so tempted to get some now! Kate x

  8. wow, your nails are amazing!

  9. I love that essie shade!

  10. I just love those boots! And your nails look great, very chic and modern x


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