Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This is what makes us girls

Nooo, it looks like I only ever wear this skirt now but it's only because my last outfit post was last week and I happen to be wearing it again! Eurgh, time to buy more clothes, I think.
Jumper - Topshop
Skirt - River Island
Collar necklace - H&M
Went home the weekend just gone and it was great as usual. Great food, bed, bath, got my clothes professionally washed (by my mum) and picked up food to bring back down to London so I didn't have to pay for it hehe.

Only thing was that the whole of Saturday, everyone was saying about the snow and one of my flatmates was going on about the tubes as if it was apocalyptic in London or something. Liverpool seemed to be the only place without snow in the whole country so obviously I was prepared for the worst. Travelled back down in wellies and everything and IT WAS FINE. No delays on the train down, tubes were running absolutely fine. So now I'm stuck with wellies that I won't be needed for another year probably.

Also, I'm absolutely DISTRAUGHT. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have read; my old woman shopping trolley has broken :( My flatmate said he'd buy me a new one since he was carrying it when it broke but still, she was so young. How will I do a food shop until then? :(
R.I.P 2011-2012


  1. absolutely gorgeous outfit! love the jumper and i wouldnt worry too much about wearing the skirt in two outfit posts in a row, it just shows how you restyle things! xx

  2. awhhh mann RIP trolley ):
    however, so what if you wear it all the time! its so pretty! i'm sure it's socially acceptable!
    Lizzie xxxx


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