Sunday, 12 February 2012

It's too coooold outside

Today's title song.
Actually FREEZING. I love that for once I'm not being overdramatic. The temperatures have actually reached zero degrees, even in the daytime.
T-shirt - H&M
Leopard kimono/cardigan/thing - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Gold hair cuff - H&M
I don't live in this collar necklace, by the way. I do take it off for bed and showers; I just love it a lot.

Bought this hair cuff the other week from H&M, so cheap, only £3 or something. Of course I bought it; it's another gold accessory, what a surprise(!) Added the outtake photo to show it off and make me look like a fun gal who has a laugh. Still feel awkward letting my flatmate take my photos for me, hence me looking like a gimp laughing.

This weekend has been spent in my uni room, eating and taking advantage of my flatmate who does Fashion Design by asking her to sew up any holes and loose buttons I have on my clothes. It's terrible because I have no skills to offer back to the flat, just my superficial high maintenance!

Ventured into Covent Garden for food and had a Mars bar and Bailey's crepe (classily known as a "Cheap Date") from Creme de la Crepe - SO delicious! I also recommend the "Cheeky Monkey" (Nutella and banana).

Then came back to find my eBay Topshop Allegras had arrived! Extremely pleased with them. Will post my love for them some more soon.


  1. Absolutely love your blog, and your style is amazing! I've always seen the H&M necklace in store and ive always wanted it but never actually brought myself to buying it. I think i want it now, but i have a feeling its been discontinued! Anyway, i'm now following! xx

  2. The collar is so nice, I want it now and if I had it I would only take it off for showers and bed myself. A baileys crepe sounds so good xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. It is FAR too cold for life at the moment, I AGREE.

    Love your kimono cardy, I'm after a new one that's fabric instead of crochet (: My housemates think I'm crazy when I ask for outfit photos, but it's almost more embarrassing to shoot them myself atm haha.

    PS. Baileys Crepe sounds so good. Send some over pls ;) xx


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