Sunday, 19 February 2012

Gold details

 Bracelet - Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors
Rings - ASOS, Topshop
Shoes - eBay
Didn't like the photos for this outfit so here's the accessories. Still fully obsessed with wearing plenty of gold rings. The three gold bands are from ASOS and I'd love them more if they didn't turn my fingers green. How come cheap gold jewellery that doesn't do that exist yet? Painted the insides with clear nail polish so they should be alright.

As usual I'm swamped in work that probably isn't that much compared to some people but it feels like a mountain load to me. One of my flatmates went to LFW today and got photographed seven times(!), one of them being for Stylist. I'm such a proud flatmate! Makes me feel like a small unfashionable fish in a big sea in need of new clothes, though. Will obviously be making a cheeky ASOS purchase soon!


  1. Ooh your nails look incredible! I love these pictures ^^

  2. I hate that cheap jewellery tarnishes and turns the fingers green most frustrating thing on the planet. I what to get those rings in silver they are awesome congrats to your flat mate she must of looked amazing xoxo

  3. Love it all, the boots in particular! x

  4. I adore all your jewellery! I need those rings xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  5. Love these accessories xx
    Wanted to invite you to check out my blog sale :-

  6. them rings are PERFECT! :)

    Kerys xx

  7. rings, boots - Perfect!

    J X


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