Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Posting to be able to say that I actually posted in the month of December... (bad blogger, apologies)

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Despite being ill (still am eurgh), mine was great, though if I'm honest it's mainly because of the food. I turned 19 last week and I'm convinced that my old age has taken away the magic of Christmas for me this year. Either that or being away at uni... I didn't feel properly Christmassy until Christmas Eve whatthehell. And I can't actually get over that in less than a year, I WILL BE TWENTY :(

Anyway, glitter! My nails at the moment: not very festive but still sparkly. It's supposed to be galaxy nails...

Nail Polish - OPI Servin' Up Sparkle

Also got these glittering golden beauties for £14!! On sale from £20, which is still pretty cheap.

Shoes - Forever 21
Aaah I can't wait to wear them on New Year's Eve and keep my feet under a bright light all night.

And today I went shopping to have a browse of the sales. What a fail. It was horribly busy and every single thing I bought was full price. But I now own some nice new rings (among other things):

Turquoise stone ring - Accessorize 
Gold ring - Topshop 
Nail ring - Topshop 
Firstly, this Accessorize ring is probably the closest I'll ever get to a YSL Arty -_- and secondly, that tacky monstrosity pictured is a nail ring. I actually love it!! I can imagine that some people might hate them or find them downright disgusting. But I will do my best to "make it work".

Hopefully I won't be so lazy and I'll be back with another post very soon. Seriously thank you all for still sticking around. I don't usually bother with New Year resolutions since I know I'll break them but this year I will do my best to blog regularly. Some Journalism student I am. Not that the blogs I read count as "proper journalism" anyway but that's fine by me!


  1. I love everything!! Those shoes are :0 amazing!!! I want it all xx

  2. I absolutely love that ring! I need to track it down on my next shopping trip.

  3. OMG how sexy is that! .. i LOVE all your rings esp the nail ring. I gotta get one too.. omg *droool*

  4. Ooh, your nails look amazing! Such a cool design :) I love those shoes! xx

  5. Loving your nails! They're so festive! I went for a dark plum red that I received for Christmas but it's chipping already :S

    This is my ideal post! Everything is so shiny and glittery :D Loving the shoes! Bargain! x x

  6. I love the nails and the nail ring is kinda intriguing.. I've never seen any of them before.

  7. I LOVE the nail ring, I've never seen one before, it looks ace!x

  8. The f21 shoes are beutiful! I'd love to own a pair like this but I don't think I go out enough to warrant buying them : (


  9. This nail polish is sooo amazing!! Plus I love those shoes! I hope you have a wonderful new years!!

    Don't Forget to 'Like' 87Life on Facebook!

  10. I love everything especially the last ring, if you want a ysl dupe check out ebay.

  11. Ohmygosh, I love the nailpolish, it's so perfect for New Year! And the shoes are gorgeous too, I would die walking in them though, haha. <3 :)

  12. Glitter Goddess! I love OPI and all that sparkles.

  13. Muito lindo seu blog, adorei e ja estou lhe seguindo. Espero que vc goste do meu blog e também passe a me seguir.
    Beijos do Brasil e do NOlhares

  14. your nails look so great, I should buy the nailpolish, and these shoes are amazing!

  15. i've been wearing glittery nail polish instead of the black that's so in nowadays, and I'm obsessed with it. I really like this color and I must find it now


  16. I love all things glittery..amazing nails!!!

  17. Your nails look amazing and great rings!

  18. Your shoes are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love them.x

  19. Awesome nail rings duuude! Love it, tacky but not tacky enough that it's not wearable. haha! Yay for student loans! xx


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