Saturday, 5 November 2011

Random happenings 2

SORRY aaah I'm so bad for not posting in so long, I know. It doesn't even feel like that long though because time seems to have passed so quickly since I've been here.

I can't actually believe that it's November already. I handed in my first assignment the other day, which left me suicidal, I'm not even joking. Stayed in the library until 4am the night before trying to get in done and then when I actually went to print it out to hand in, it was like some LOTR mission trying to find a working printer. I'm liking uni but just the work part really gets in the way... And I have my first presentation on Wednesday and I have to do it on my own in front of seminar group that I don't even know. Seriously, this is the one seminar group that I have no friends in. Really sad, I know -_-

Halloween night was alright, not amazing or anything. I went as a bunny (really scary) and put sooo much effort into my costume - can you tell?
Ears - Accessorize
Yes, that is a guitar in the background. Yes, I play guitar now!! Well, not actually but I like to think I do because I can do a couple of chords. One of my flatmates plays and she's so good; it's so unfair! Every time I try to play something, it's painful to listen to because I'm so slow and then I get frustrated but I'm determined to keep going with it. This isn't just a phase, I swear!

(very tedious link coming)

Speaking of guitars, I went to see One Night Only on Tuesday and it was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. They were SO good live and I got to meet them all afterwards omgggg amazing. George Craig really is flawless in real life and they were all so nice and chatty. I'm still so happy that I met them all but at the same time, I'm depressed that it's over. I'm also depressed that I look so vile in the photo with him. And I thought I was somewhat of a tall person but apparently not...

I thought I had loads more to write about but it seems to all have slipped my mind! Going to see a fireworks show somewhere tonight and might make a bonfire with the HUGE stack of newspapers I've collected from the assignment I had to do.

Hopefully I will actually blog again soon because I miss this!


  1. Awww don't worry about that seminar, I know the feeling exactly, took me ages to make course friends (it's so different to talking to peeps normally). Good luck dude! xx


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