Thursday, 1 September 2011

Random happenings

HELLO. I'm blogging (about time) with this "new blogger interface" and it's weird, feels a bit like a word document. You know what's weirder though? It's September D: nuuuuu, this means by the end of the month I'll be living in a different city and will have a load of new things to be complaining about. Not exaggerating, I've been crying most days at the prospect of leaving and how much I'll miss home! I really don't know what I'm going to be like when I'm actually there.

Onto happier things though... I have picked up a couple of new things shopping-wise but not that much, yet somehow I have like, no money left, which is looking worrying for London.

Leggings - H&M
Boots - Miss Selfridge
I picked up these suede leggings from H&M and as suspected, they look great with my boots. As much as I like the zip, I have unfortunate incidents with trousers often in which I look like I have a penis when I sit down and I bet these will be the same :(

Another thing I've bought is some Models Own nail polishes because I'm only human and I couldn't not at 50% off.
Gold Finger, Juicy Jules , Utopia, Nail Art Pen
I don't know if my eyes were deceiving me every time I saw a photo of it online but I expected the nail art pen to be bigger than that!! I don't think I'd buy it again at full price of £6. I know I'm cheap but it's only 6ml!

Oh, here's a short story for you: my friend and her family had a party over the weekend and it was a big garden affair with a marquee and catering and bar staff(!) and as I walking back in to go to the toilet, I was pushed over into mud and shrubbery by someone! On purpose!! I was holding a drink at the time (and God knows how it didn't spill when I fell) and the first thing I thought to do was to throw it over him so I did. HA. Then I ran off to the toilet before he could swill me back. Anyway, the next day I look down at my legs and I have loads of little cuts all down my shin as if I blindly attacked it with a razor or something. Also got a message off him on Facebook apologising, which was good of him I suppose but he shouldn't have done it in the first place!! I'm over it now but I've learnt from my mistakes - don't walk between bushes and idiots.

Erm...what else... 

I've started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it's actually really good. This is the reason why but it turns out that it has quite a large adult following anyway so I don't feel embarrassed about it. My favourite is Fluttershy; I think I'm a bit like her. You can watch them all on YouTube if you're interested (I doubt you are).
Lastly, I was contacted by a really lovely PR lady about a Krispy Kreme and Glamour collaboration the other day. This excited me A LOT because 1) I didn't think I was worthy enough to ever be contacted and 2) it's food related and I would easily sell my first born for food if I was hungry enough. I was sent some Krispy Kremes today and I will promptly be taste testing each and every one. For science of course. The glazing is so shiny *_*


  1. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts yum yum enjoy. I am sure you will be fine when you move it will naturally take a while to settle change is always difficult. Loving the trousers know what you mean about zips and sitting down lol xoxo

  2. i just popped in to h&m yesterday and didnt see these. they look well nice!.

  3. Hey everybody! Jade has a penis! ;)

  4. aww I miss My Little Pony ahaha!
    And the whole penis situation is hilarious, gotta say it happens a lot when I wear short pahaha!
    Pretty jealous of your boots, they are amazing, those leggings are super cute too! ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  5. I'm leaving for uni next week and I'm so scared, too! I still can't get around the idea of not being at home everyday. >_<

    And I love your boots so much! =D


  6. The leggings and boots <3 I used to have that same problem with leggings back in the day, but it seems to have passed yeah my legging penis fell off(that sounds weird) good luck at freshers..

  7. I always go a bit too far with Krispy Kremes and buy that massive box of twelve they do...they're just so so good!


  8. ah i've seen a few bloggers posting these leggings! I need them massively in my life haha. I think it's the zip detail that really does it for me! Hopefully when i'm in town this weekend they'll still have them in! xxx

  9. i have those exact leggings in leather! a coincidence? i think not! you must be my brother from another chinese mother :O
    and what on earth is wrong with that guy? lol silly xx

  10. I love your legs. Just that deserves a follow in my book

  11. Love the leggings! xxx


  12. oooh I love those colours of models own nail varnish! :D

    Em x


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