Friday, 23 September 2011

Liverpool to London


Aahhh current location: London. I moved in last Saturday and I'm still homesick :( My flatmates are all really nice though and we're all getting along well! One thing I've learnt though is no matter how nice someone is to talk to, stay away from them when they're smoking. OMG so many people at the uni smoke and the other night I came back and my hair stunk of smoke bleurgh.

Yesterday we all took a trip into central London to Harrods to see the Chanel Une Promenade exhibition, which was really cool. So not cool that we weren't allowed to take photos though. Although I did take one sneaky photo of a giant perfume bottle to prove that I actually went.
Walked around Harrods for a bit looking at all the things I'll never be able to afford including a £44,000 fur coat(!) and then on the way back to halls we stopped at an ASDA, which really pleased me because the nearest supermarket to my halls is Sainsburys EURGH.

Going to go home for the weekend and I know everyone says I shouldn't because it'll make it worse but I need to! Actually do though because my room is still like a shell and I need to bring stuff to make it more homely. Really wish I had more spare time so I could blog and read blogs :( haven't read them in about two weeks.
Also, I need to buy a gaydar because mine is so rubbish. You know when you just can't tell? Edit: gay.


  1. Oh my, I really love Chanel. Wish I was there but no camera allowed??
    That is so not cool.
    you are so gorgeous..

  2. sighhh i haven't even moved yet! feels like everyone has moved on and im still waiting for bloody freshers -,-
    hahaha i have no gaydar. its always the nice ones! :(
    hope you're all gooood :) xx

  3. You will love London and once you settle in you will be fine imagine all those amazing places you can go and investigate. I have never heard anyone so excited about ASDA lol xoxo

  4. aw enjoy your time at uni cos it will FLY by.

    and if you dont know already ive moved this is my new blog x

  5. welcome to london! (not interested face lol, ive been here all my life and ahh it would be so good to get out) xo

  6. Ahh I miss freshers enjoy it and yes my gaydar is rubbish.

  7. How AMAZING would it be to have that massive perfume bottle on your dressing table?! Not likely, obviously, but a girl can dream, right?!

    Hope you're having fun being a fresher and that your visit back to the 'pool went well! So bloody jealous of all you young'uns starting uni - I graduated 3 years ago now, you're making me feel very old! x

  8. Your hair stank of smoke? You must be really good at imagening things.

  9. Oooh, I want that huge perfume bottle! <3 And your last sentence made me laugh so hard, ohmygod :D

  10. I get soooo homesick soooo easily! I went home every weekend I could when I was at college... hope you feel better soon love!


  11. I used to think I had a good gaydar. Recently all I do is hit on gay guys and not realise :(



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