Thursday, 11 August 2011


Woohoo, my eBay Alexander Wang Rocco, faux Rocco, Focco, whatever, arrived this morning and I have that just-got-a-new-bag happiness every time I look at it. Migrated everything from my other bag into it as soon as I opened it.

I know everyone's been buying it recently so there's been plenty of posts dedicated to this thing of beauty but I can't hide my love. Plus, before I bought it, I was looking around Google for some good close up photos of the black one to compare how similar it is to the real Rocco, but couldn't find any. Didn't want to pay £30 for a cheap quality imitation. It's not exactly the same but for the price, it's definitely good enough.
Real vs. fake studs

The studs are a little different, the bag has a slight pleather-y sheen and it doesn't have the added shoulder strap like the real Rocco but otherwise, in real life, it doesn't look like a fake at all!

I've been putting off buying it since February after first seeing it on Victoria's blog but I'm only human and after seeing so many people with it, I had to have it. This makes all of my other bags redundant and yes, I know I'm over-exaggerating but I'm just really happy with it! There's loads on eBay now that they've gotten more popular, here.


  1. Absolutley fell in love with this bag by miles. Your right, you defintley can't tell the difference between the real and the fake one. Might have to copy you with this one missy. xxx

  2. Love this bag!
    I love the bottom of it even more...super cute.
    Im a bag fanatic. So this is making my drool...omg!!!
    te hee hee

  3. love this bag hun and it is a very good copy. I would love to get my hands on an Alexander Wang Rocco if I ever have a spare £790 I would so buy one xoox

  4. Lovely bag, the studs are great :D

  5. Love this bag <3.

    Sadie xx


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