Sunday, 14 August 2011

New chelsea boots

Shirt & belt- Primark
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Went out to celebrate a friend's birthday last night and once again had to try and find something to wear from my increasingly boring wardrobe. I look at my clothes and I hate them all! Trying my hardest not to buy anymore for the moment because I have no money after basically BURNING IT ALL on a pair of shoes (see below). But looking back, I like this outfit, so I'll have to remember to wear it again some other time. I think it's only the second time I've worn these shorts since buying them at the beginning of Summer, how bad? Also, didn't realise at the time but my pink/gold leopard nails match my outfit ^_^

Anyway, that is all irrelevant because I bought the most amazing pair of boots that may be my most frivolous purchase to date.
Suede Chelsea Boots - Miss Selfridge
(they were £85) I KNOW. But I got a student discount so I paid £76.50 and they are limited edition and I have wanted a pair of chelsea boots for a while (albeit a flat pair) and I want to be one of *those people* who stroll around in heels in the day time. But that last point sort of depends on whether I get into my first choice university or not! I don't think I could get away with wearing these in the day in Liverpool, not at my age anyway. Maybe that sounds stupid, I don't know. I think London wouldn't bat an eyelid whereas people in Liverpool would probably think "too overdressed, trying too hard" etc. I have a vision of me wearing these with some skinny jeans and my eBay Rocco bag and gliding down the street; I'm so sad, I know!! I genuinely think that the Gods of karma will give me bad exam results on Thursday for spending so much on these and thinking I'll be able to wear them in London.

I'll leave you with a photo of what I woke up to this morning: the perils of washing your hands whilst wearing instant tan.


  1. love the boots Jade, they are really nice...and your wardrobe isn't boring the clothes which you wear in your posts are really nice. xxx

  2. Ooh, So these were the shoes you wanted so badly?
    I'd say GREAT BUY! :P
    I'm also looking at chelsea boots.. With a low heel though. :P

  3. Hahaha this post made me smile. I'm exactly the same when it comes to my clothes - I open my wardrobe and just think "I have NO clothes!" when actually, I have loads, I'm just sick of them all.

    Love love love the boots! Yes they were expensive, but hey, they're an investment right? A good pair of black ankle boots will go with everything. It would have been silly not to buy them ;) x

  4. these are an amazing take on the chelsea boot, absolute shoe heaven. ive seen a gorgeous pair in topshop with a small heel but still pretty expensive, so i guess im gonna have to stick with my boots for a while longer!

    ps. good luck with your exam results! x

  5. I love those boots, they were definitely worth the money and i'm sure you'll wear them lots! And good luck for Thursday although i'm sure you won't need it, i'm so jealous you'll be going to London! :) xxx

  6. great outfit! those chelsea boots are amazing, but the prize is phwoarr!
    i get what you mean with the whole over dress thing when you were certain things, its awkward and all aha!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Oh wow, they are gorgeous... totally worth the £££ :) And I'm exactly the same with my wardrobe... I'm so bored with it and really need some new pieces x x

  8. those are the cuuutest booties ever.
    love the outfit.<3

  9. your boots are amazing! they are now officially on my wish list! xxx

  10. You look good! No need to burn your clothes! Those shoes are hot dude... Rock them in Liverpool like its nobody's business; you are at the appropriate age ;p

  11. I love love the chelsea boots! They are gorgeous. Oh and your hair bow from the previous posts looks amazing!

  12. Loooooove the shoes! And the rings too! I'm a new follower! :)



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