Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lucky horseshoe

Hello, long time no blog. I haven't even been busy! It's just easy to get into a habit of leisurely reading new blogposts without writing one myself. Hope everyone is well. I was ill over the weekend and it felt like the beginning of the end. I'm thinking it's a bad omen for my results day! I'm sure anyone else who is waiting for exam results is just as nervous but I can't help thinking that I've not done enough for Goddamn History and I have actually had dreams of opening my results and not seeing the grade I need for uni -_- Exams have probably been marked so my fate sealed now. Just need to wait for 18th.

In the meantime, we can always go shopping. Stepped out today to wander around the shops but the most interesting thing I picked up was a necklace. There are loads of nice clothes about, I just need more money!

Orelia in Topshop does the prettiest delicate, dainty kind of jewellery, albeit a bit overpriced for what it is. I wish I could buy it all.
£15 to hopefully bring a bit of luck for results!

And then last night at 3am I finally caved and bought the fake Rocco off eBay. How great is it that Internet shopping is 24/7? Can't wait for it to come!

P.S. Completely unrelated to all things in life but how nice is Barack Obama's handwriting?! I want to change mine so badly. I haven't written with a pen for so long; I think my handwriting is probably some horrible scrawl now.


  1. wow, his handwriting is amazingly neat!
    its been a while! kind of missed your posts ahaha!
    hopefulyl that necklace will bring you some luck!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Love that horseshoe JADE! i MISSED YA aS WELL :)

  3. hi Jade, I think you're me. like seriously, everything you write i'm like omg me too. waiting for history is a KILLERRR. did you do coursework? cos we weren't allowed our results back so i am a nervous wreck atm xxxxx

  4. Oh wow, that IS beautiful handwriting! Particularly for a guy :P Ok that was some bad stereotyping... but all the guys I know write really messily lol.

    I know what you mean about being busy. I feel like I've abandoned my blog lately :S just been so busy with work! And like you say, I've still been reading blogs like crazy :)

    Results soon! I'm sure you'll have done amazingly x x

  5. @Sophie - YES same, weren't allowed our coursework results so I have absolutely no idea of at least how badly I could have afforded to do in the exam!! Good luck to you! x

  6. Oh isn't his writing lovely! I so wish I wrote like that. I love a good fountain pen!! They rule. Good luck with your results, I don't get mine for about another 4 weeks, such a long wait!! Necklace is lovely, I just got a four leaf clover, landed me my job :Dxxx

  7. Aw! He has the cutest handwriting for a president. I really wish you could change handwriting easily, I would totes have this style!
    Good luck with you exam results. I'm taking an exam later this month and I'm dreading it :( xxx

  8. sooo beautiful! and the handwriting is flawless... I wish my penmanship was that unique and pretty.

  9. Hello love,

    The necklace is lush and his writing is outstanding to say the least!

    About your message on my iphone post - I'm a bit sad to leave the what seems 'exclusive' club but also quite glad that I'm not 'conforming' lol.


  10. love his handwriting! that horseshoe necklace reminds me of the one by tiffany's some years back. very cute :)

  11. gorgeous horseshoe - i love little lucky charms like this. love obama's scrawl too! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  12. wow... did obama take handwriting lessons??? it looks printed!! mine is always uneven and changes depending on my "effort" lol...

    i love that horse shoe necklace too!! it's so pretty!

    i wish i can buy more japanese magazines, but at £10+ per issue (from japan centre), i'd rather invest that on clothes than a few magazines... if only i lived in japan >.< they're around £3+ per issue there lol


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