Thursday, 7 July 2011

Food babies

I feel like all I've done this week is consume food. I had three bags of Doritos and two jars of dip all to myself on Sunday and Monday (the share sized bags btw, so there's no justification), HUGE Nandos dinner on Tuesday, roast duck yesterday and I had McDonalds for lunch today. I feel like what with prom being over and not going on holiday this Summer, I have nothing to diet for. So eat, eat, eat. FATFATFAT.

Today was meh; I went back to school to drop of textbooks and give out wine to teachers. Oh my word, I gave my man English teacher a bottle of wine and he kissed me on the cheek... so awkward. I know I'm 18 now and I should be able to be mature about it etc but yuck, so uncomfortable.

I wore my playsuit that I bought off eBay by an exclusive brand called ETOPSHOPO. The belt that comes with it is useless by the way; every time I sat down it pops undone. Though that might be down to my hefty stomach, hm.

Also risked the bipolar weather yesterday to go shopping but so sad, I didn't buy much. Got this ring (can't remember the price but it was inexpensive):
Ring - H&M

And also bought a dress but I'll probably wear that tomorrow because I'm going for a meal with friends, so I'll show that in my next post.

Also, just a quick thanks to Rachel aka macupandbeauty on YouTube because I only won a bloody Urban Decay Naked Palette and bar of Irish chocolate! The chocolate didn't stick around long enough to see me open the palette but I've been playing around with it every now and then (sad) and I love it.


  1. hahaha etopshopo ^-^ i like it. very exotic name.
    i should probably diet but kinda dieted for prom and then went crazy after and now im just a lump. sigh. and oh god my teacher hugged me for a moment too long and i freaked out so...a kiss omg i die.
    and this is late but im just gunna say it. YOU LOOKED SO BLOODY LOVELY FOR YOUR PROM. i looked like i was on a nightout -,- and can't believe a crazy man stole your phone! :O
    btw im not just commenting randomly. i actually commented in my brain at the time when you posted your previous posts but didn't comment coz im proper lazy. and now i look like a stalker leaving a mahoosive comment. oh wells xx

  2. wahh, thats what i've been doing, constant snacking to save me from my boredom! ugh, makes me cringe when teachers do that...just you know ahaha!
    etopshopo - such a funny brand name
    loving the dress too, so pretty!
    congrats on winning the palette! jeals!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Jade I may have said it before but I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I love the way you write you have me in giggles. Totes agree with the development of a food baby, 4 slices of cheese on toast? YEAH OKAY. And you did look absolutely stunning for your prom xxxxxx

  4. Is ETOPSHOP just a replica TOPSHOP brand?

  5. Meowcake - Yes hahaha. I have a feeling it's the slightly defective goods from the Topshop factory or something and they just sew a different label on. Or someone did a typo! x

  6. lovely blog!


  7. love your playsuit, i just clicked the link can't believe how cheap it is!! i'm very jealous of your naked palette too, i can't find them anywhere :(

  8. I've been constantly eating at the moment too! Don't know what's wrong with me! But don't worry, you still look like a skinny minnie :) Lol at ETOPSHOPO! Never seen anything like that before! x x

  9. You look lovely hunny!
    I love my naked pallette! Use it all the time!


  10. That red dress suits you really well. The colour goes perfect with your hair.
    The rind is from H&M? I need to get my hands on that.
    Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls

  11. im still looking for one of those angel wing rings, but the some ive seen are just to blingy. Yours is v pretty, I need to go on a hunt again :D

    xx Shan

  12. It is the same as Topshop, they had to change the label so they weren't breaking any laws! It's the same one i got from the same seller :)

  13. OOOOH, That ring! I saw one just like that two weeks ago and this ... bazaar kinda thing at a mall. Its so pretty.


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