Sunday, 22 May 2011


Yes, it's me. Hello! No, still not done my exams, not even started them but it's my leaver's dinner/prom next Thursday and that's a couple of days of revision gone so I may as well do a post. I haven't been reading blogs properly for about a month, only the odd post now and again, so I can't wait for exams to be over so I can lounge around all day and do that.

My dress was made in China and brought over so I can't wait to finally wear it and I bought my shoes the other day. The most amazing shoes I have ever owned, which I like more than my dress to be honest. Photos will never do them justice!
They are so perfect in real life. Very high with a ridiculously sparkly, multicolour glitter heel ♥

Dress done, shoes done and I went into town yesterday to buy curling tongs for my hair and some stuff for my nails. I don't know exactly how I'm going to have them but the idea is sparkle sparkle.
Hmm what to do...

And finally because I haven't done this in so long, this is what I wore:
Elbow patch blazer - H&M
Top - H&M
Suede jeans/trousers/pants/whatever - ASOS
I have some nail art to show you as well but I'll do that in another post and I'll show you how I look for prom!


  1. the shoes! oh my God, gorgeous!!

  2. The shoes are amazing!! Now if i could only walk in such high heels xp

  3. I love the shoes! they're were Gaga, lol

  4. those shoes are amazing! if i had them i dont think id ever take them off. cant wait to see your nail art too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  5. Those shoes are amazing! I've been in love with really sparkly things lately and seeing your shoes makes me jealous! hehe :)

    x, I

  6. Oh wow those shoes are amazing you are going to look stunning cant wait to see your dress and your nails xoxo

  7. Hey lovely lady :) your shoes look AMAZING! cant wait to see your dress and what you ending up doing with your nails too. Missing you gal, look forward to more updates soon xx

  8. those shoes = SQUEALLLLLL. seriously perfect! i can't wait to see your whole outfit, good look with the rest of your examsss :) x

  9. Those shoes are absolutley gorgeous and I hope you enjoy you prom/dinner night on Thursday, I am sure you will. Your nails will look lovely too with all those glittery sequins and that. Are you going to do a blog post about your prom? I am sure you will do fine in your exams and don't forget to not over revise for them because then you will just worry xxx

  10. Those shoes are just..WOW!

  11. GORGEOUS SHOES! Where are they from Jade? Cant wait to see your dress aswell, ahh it feels weird to say that i think i'm more excited than you are haha!


  12. Oh my Lordy, those shoes are AMAZING!
    Hope you have a wonderful time at the prom, I can't wait to see your dress!!! xxx

  13. Woah those shoes are amazing!
    Love your outfit too, simple but stylish.


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