Saturday, 23 April 2011


Ring - H&M

I have less of a life than normal at the moment due to pretending to revise for upcoming exams, hence the silence on my blog.

And I firmed my offer for Westminster uni in London so fingers crossed that I get the grades and even more importantly, fingers crossed that I can get the double bed en suite room that I want!


  1. glad you chose a uni :) & fingers crossed too

  2. good luck dude! Glad you chose the choice to move downsouth :D xxx

  3. nice shades. so pretty! I like the coral one :D oh. your bunny ring is so cute too! :)
    by the way, you really have a nice blog.
    definitely going to follow you. :)

  4. good luck on getting the room you want! Also this ring is really cute, and asos has a really cute fox one too. here

  5. Thanks so much for following. I love this ring, it's adorable x


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