Friday, 8 April 2011


So I'm about half way through my Easter break and I'm so bored of revising for A levels. I took a break out of burying my nose in my history textbook today to go and buy chocolate and some more cahocolate but otherwise I've just been reading and reading and reading and it's not even going in! I end up just moving my eyes across the page and looking at the words instead of remembering them.

New clothes and stuff have still managed to find their way into my life though. After Christmas I ordered some things from the ASOS sale but they never got delivered so I was refunded but last week the packages turned up out of the blue! So basically I got some free clothes which is always nice. Also popped into town last week to buy these beauties:
Bow pumps - Accessorize
Nude, patent, bow - PERFECT. They're just so pretty and in my haste in actually own them, I thought I'd be fine with a half size smaller than usual but it turns out I was wrong so I'll have to either go back and exchange them or stretch them, depending on which takes less effort.

Basically, not much to write about. I haven't even been reading blogs :( Just pray for me that I won't have killed myself before my exams in June (seriously not even exaggerating).
 The aforementioned chocolate to get me through this weekend


  1. Twix fino? I have never seen these!

  2. Super cute shoes and good luck with your exams! KK x

  3. Free ASOS stuff! Lucky girl! Best of luck with the revision! Have you decided what to do about further education/future yet?

  4. Hahaha that's brilliant about the free ASOS stuff - they're so rubbish at sorting out mistakes like that, but oh well, it's their loss!
    Hope the revision isn't too horrendous - I'm sure the chocolate will help (a bit). I seriously want one of those massive Galaxy bars now! xxx

  5. Meowcake - Nooo :( don't really want to think about it but I have to make a decision soon! Not even joking, everything that George Craig tweets makes me want to choose London but I don't know!! x

  6. twix fino? wow!
    love your shoes! so adorable!
    must go with a lot of stuff!
    good luck with your exam!
    i hate revision aha!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Good luck with the revision! and obviously with your actual exams.
    Those shoes are very cute and that chocolate looks yummy!! :P

    Terri, xoxo

  8. You have the right idea...chocolate ... always helps with revision lol :) good luck xx

  9. FREE ASOS STUFF!?!? Wow! That is seriously lucky. I'm now really jealous. I'd rather like me some free asos stuff.. Does make you wonder where those packages have been all this time though, doesn't it? Tis a bit bizarre!

    Those bow pumps are seriously gorgeous - hope you manage to swap/stretch them!

    Best of luck with your revision/exams - please don't kill yourself. I'd miss you. Well, I'd miss your blogposts more specifically :p

  10. This post makes me so jealous. I gave up chocolate for lent, and now I could just eat the screen. Haha. I love the shoes so I hope you manage to get your size. They are so pretty.
    Good luck with your exams btw.

  11. That parcel got propper lost at least it arrived love the pumps colour is perfect for Spring xoxo

  12. I love the pumps you got, I really need a nice pair for summer!
    I also need to start revising for my A Levels- i'm dreading them! Good Luck with your revision :) xx

  13. i am exactly the same as you - i literally need sweets and chocolate to survive during exam time! shoes are lovely - im obsessed with bows x

  14. Aww dude, good luck with your exams. Studying is a bitch, but don't give up eh? Pretty sweet about your asos parcel turning up randomly tho! :) xx

  15. I hope you get to concentrate soon.:D

    Free clothes? Lucky!:D These are nice flats and chocolates are always fun.:D

    Good luck with your studies!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  16. Those shoes are adorable! Mega jealous at that amount of chocolate, I stupidly gave it up for lent :'( Lovely blog, I'm following.


  17. hello!i follow you can you follow me?

  18. Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


  19. Nice shoes, but I've gotta admit, it's the chocolate that I'm staring at... x

  20. candy and shoes... the best!!


  21. so cute! at least this store we have in my country xD the shoes look like something i would totally wear ^^
    and you just made me hungry because of the chocolates pictures >O<
    xoxo, Monstros no Armário


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