Monday, 7 March 2011

Decisions, decisions

You can skip this post if you don't want to read about me moaning and stressing. My next post will be a nail post so that will probably be more interesting than this drivel. I don't know what the point of this post is; I'm just hoping that if I type it all out, it might help me make my decision.

I am currently in a dilemma about where I want to go to uni in September. At the moment it's between Sheffield and London, both to study Journalism. Sheffield is a very good course but one of the London universities includes more multimedia in the course which is the kind of thing I'm more interested in. I know, this is very boring; I'm sorry!! 

I was living in London for a week last Summer and it wasn't that enjoyable. I didn't really like the whole commute by tubes and how busy EVERY street was. But then again, I was on my own so that might have affected my experience? If it wasn't Sheffield then it was always going to be between another city and London, especially because I want to go into Journalism; it's where all the best job opportunities are. It is just so far away from Liverpool that I don't know if I could settle in and not be homesick every other minute. It goes without saying that I've never lived away from home because I'm only 18 but I've never even had a job besides helping out in our chippy.

YES London:
Job opportunities
Good for my independence (apparently)
So much to see and do
Entry requirements for one of the London choices is lower than Sheffield

NO London:
So far away from home
Expensive living costs
So busy and so many people
I don't know anyone
I am scared of terrorism and crime

They're the rational reasons anyway. The crazy nut inside me is saying:
YES London:
George Craig lives there. Unfortunately, this isn't a joke in the slightest :( . He looks like he has SO much fun with his friends and he keeps tweeting things like #ilovelondon and every time I listen to One Night Only it reminds me of London because that's all I listened to when I was down there!
What it all comes down to really!
I don't know what to doooo. I don't want to go to Sheffield and a few months in, regret not going to London and I don't want to end up hating London and having to live there for three years.


  1. this is gonna be such a lonngggg comment sorry...

    have you been on open days to get a feel of the accommodation?

    i made the decision to go to my current uni based on the lies they told us on the open day (grr) so chose to overlook the crap location and that 90% of the "city" is made of scumbags (the other 10% are nice though).

    my other choice i didnt enjoy the course talk as much and had kinda already set my heart on the first one but actually regret not picking the place i thought i would feel most comfortable living. i now commute to uni because i didn't enjoy living there so much so you need to bear in mind where you think you'd be happiest because thats a big part of uni!

    obviously the course is going to make up a lot of your reason for going, but if you arent happy in a place your grades are more likely to suffer etc.

    you have a few months to choose don't you? have a good long think, try and speak to people who've been to both uni's and ultimately you will make the right decision (i was more blinded by the thought of moving out and then suddenly realised i was in the middle of trampsville!)

    hope this massive tangent helped somewhat :)

  2. awww i love that little map - so cute! sorry, but i have absoltuely no real advice to give you, apart from just do what you feel like is right? because normally we all have like quite strong instincts, so just go with your instinct, because its usually right (sorry if this doesnt make sense haha!)

    thanks for your comment, omg omg omg it was so good! was like 2 metres away from zain and louis! i think ill post some pictures tomorrow haha! lots of love

  3. Im rooting for london all the way!!. Havent moved away from london since i was born lol, so im a tiny bit biased but it does have its bad sides.. but you do get used to how busy it gets, i guess, and the commuting part, well transport for london is not my best friend at the most -__-

    Whatever you feel is best though :) & any questions about London i can try my best to answer for you just @ me xx

  4. hmmmmm id say london for more opportunities but then it is very expensive and far...gosh it really is a dilemma!
    must admit the terrorism made me lol even though its true but haha sounds like something my mum would say ^-^
    and hahahahahahahaha you and one night only! honestly woman
    and omg that link you sent me is HIL-ARRR-RIOUS! i would show my mum but....she probs make me bloody explain it to her -,- xx

  5. Tough choice. London would be really good for you but then you'll be far away from family. You can always apply to uni's closer to your home such as UCLAN: Preston, EdgeHill, Manchester MET, Salford. Good Luck, you'll make a good choice at the end so don't worry to much. :)
    Love your new header. ♥

  6. im kind of in a similar situation although this year ive spent at uni where i live which has made me realise how totally lame living somewhere ive lived all my life is and because im still at home, it is so much harder getting to know people (my opinion). I think you should definitely go to both open days, spend a good day or so looking around the city to get a proper feel of what its gunna be like. im moving to nottingham uni in september but i knew as soon as i went there i wanted to go there and then i stayed with my friend for a weekend to see what the place was like. plus you have to remember everyone will be in the same position as you when it comes to moving in and cause of this you'll find it easier to talk to obvz cause during freshers week you'll be spending most time with these people, good luck with whatever you choose anyway! xx

  7. oh also (haha!) i think you get more of a loan/grant when you move to london cause they take into consideration how expensive it is if youre moving from somewhere else? im not absolutely positive but im pretty certain x

  8. I had a massive dilema like this too, so I know how you're feeling. I was choosing between Bristol and Nottingham, and in the end I went with what I thought was the better university, Bristol. I know it seems like such a big decision now, but you will love where-ever you go! I still believe that although Bristol is the most amazing place ever, I would have enjoyed Nottingham just as much.

    I would say London has more to do and see, however you can feel a bit swamped by it being so huge. Big cities can make you feel really small, but they are also vibrant amazing places to live. London is amazing and I love living there (my family is from london) but it is expensive.

    Take your time deciding and in the end don't let other people decide for you, you will enjoy your time at university no matter where you end up :) good luck picking!

    p.s sorry for the long rambling comment!

  9. I'm not sure I'll be much of a help as I've never been to the UK. But in all honesty, my advice would be just go with your instincts, go where your heart feels is the best, if you don't like one uni, can you transfer to another (you can hear in the states, it's pretty easy).
    I don't know anything about either university either, so I don't have much to say on that. But like other people said, just go to each campus and enjoy a day or two walking around it and exploring it. take pictures of each and journal throughout the day, and when you've done both, read of your journal and look at the pictures, and see where you could really see yourself fitting in!

  10. It's a really difficult decision and unfortunately one only you can make. Have you tried revisiting the cities and wandering round the campuses and accommodation to try and get a feel for it? I went to uni in London and absolutely loved it but I realise it's not for everyone. In terms of going home most of us seemed to go home about the same amount of times regardless of where we lived (unless people were from abroad). It's only three hours on the train london to liverpool. I would take some time out to go to both cities because they're both so different. There is no wrong choice and wherever you go you're sure to have an amazing time!

  11. I never went to uni so I don't know what's involved in the decisions etc, but personally if it were me I'd stay closer to home! Good luck with whatever you choose :)

  12. Dude, dont you apologise one bit! This isnt a boring post at all, its a subject which is important to you and your true bloggy pals on here will want to support you :) sometimes in a situation like this, weighing up the pro's and con's isnt enough. You need to get opinions from lots of different people, including ones who have maybe been in the same situation as you.

    I feel like I maybe cant help as much, because I was lucky that the course I wanted to do was at one uni in scotland, and this uni was 20 miles away from my family home. So I didnt need to move out at all! But completely having to relocate for your uni course defo sounds like a daunting subject, but millions of young people do it and I think you would meet lots of other people who were perhaps in the same situation as you. I think if london would benefit your career in the long run, you should be brave and take the leap. I know it's easy for us to say that, but just keep talking it out with different people and eventually the 'right' decision will come to you. My first instinct is london, when I read this and when Ive heard you talking about it before. Email me if you want to chat okay? ♥ dont worry too much lady, you'll get a 'sign' soon enough, it always ends up happening in these sorta situations! xx

  13. I don't think you should be worried about terror in London. Crime yes, but I don't think there'll be a big terror attack the same thing twice. My country is the next target says a lot of experts so don't be scared! haha.

    If you have some place to live in London I think you should do it. I know that it's really expensive to live in London which is why I didn't wanna move there anyways.
    I'm moving to Chicago next year, all by myself. I've never been to the US (okay I'm going one time before I'm moving there, but not Chicago). But I decided that the US is perfect for me. It sounds like you think the London university is more perfect for you because of the multimedia, and if that's what you like, then I think you should take London (:

  14. Om gosh hun this must be doing your head. I would say that where ever you go it is going to be scary and you will get homesick I know a lot of my friends found the first few months the hardest to settle. I never went to uni so I have no experience. I think for what you want to study you need to live and experience London I am sure you will get used to the underground and how busy it is and fall in love with London.

    Good luck with your choice xoxo

  15. I'd say go for London! In life you've got to push your self to aspire your dream. London would be Great for journalism and I can imagine you would learn a lot from living in the busy london city. I think you need to think about what you want for your future apparently where you go to uni is where you quite often end up living! So go for it! But do what makes you happy! xxxxx

  16. Hey hun! sorry everything is so hard right now. You will figure it out, just keep your head up and listen to your heart :)


  17. hmmm it's a hard decision! I learnt from watching a kdrama (LOL) that whatever choice you make, make sure you work hard at that choice so you won't regret it in the end =] so. for example if you chose London, you can always make friends etc...hmmm...does that make sense? xD


  18. Hope you solve your decision! I love this look, I am so trying this on my nails tonight!!! I am new to your blog, hope you keep in touch xxxxxx

  19. Take the chance love, I decided to move out from home and it was the best decision I've ever made. London is only a train journey away remember and there's skype, facebook etc to keep up with family and friends. And remember that strangers are just friends you haven't met yet :)


  20. I want to go to London to study journalism next September but like you I'm quite scared. I say go for it, you are going to have so many more opportunities in London than anywhere else! x

  21. I might be biased (I'm a 3rd year at Sheffield Uni) but Sheffield is amazing...! Haha. If you have any questions about the uni or city I'd be happy to answer them :)


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