Saturday, 12 March 2011


It's such a dreary day in Liverpool and I have spent all day in bed doing nothing productive. It's great to be so lazy once in a while but I'll probably regret wasting my time when I have more work to do! Last night was another birthday celebration so I had to get another outfit together from the nothingness that is my wardrobe. I think I actually tried EVERYTHING on without finding something I wanted to wear. In the end I put on my light pink bodycon skirt again (sigh) and a sheer shirt. Apologies for the blurry photo; I forgot to take one before I left.
Shirt - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Clutch bag - River Island
Nothing eventful happened; it was just an average night out. The place that we were in was right opposite Hard Day's Night Hotel i.e the hotel that Justin Bieber stayed in the night before, so a few of us shouted JUSTIN BIEBER but apparently he'd already left for Newcastle. Let down.

Camilla so kindly asked if I'd answer a few questions for her and she's done a little interview so have at look at that here if you'd like!


  1. what a bad luck you didn´t catch Justin :)

    you looked awesome :)

  2. really love this outfit, looks great on you! i think i have your shoes too :)

  3. I really like your outfit, but if you're not loving something yourself then it is annoying. Are you from Liverpool? I'm going there the week after next, I'd love to know where the best places to shop are and what the best clubs are too? Sorry for all the questions! Thanks! x

  4. looking hot ;)
    your posts never come up on my feed for some reason.. are you so tall?? hmphh -,- xx

  5. You can never go wrong with a sheer shirt and skirt! =)

  6. i love how the outfit you wore ended up. very pretty!
    haha, i met justin bieber when he was in my state, randomly at a mall, we took a picture but it turned out no good.

    anyways i'm off to read the interview :)

  7. hi there darling! Lovely post! you look gorgeous! haha that's so funny of you guys to go outside and yell his name:) I would have done the same thing:p we're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way! Come and take a look:) Enter the contest if you like:)It's open to everyone!


    Have a FABULOUS day:)

  8. Hope you had a good night out! thanks for the mention- you have been getting a lot of compliments on your style over on my blog


  9. Lovely outfit :) follow u!

    visit ma blog:

  10. Great blog :) You are gorgeous. Nice to see a blogger from the UK :) I'm def following you from now on :D


  11. ive totally gone off bieber right now - but i bet id be so excited if i spotted him ha. the skirt is lovely so i would carry on wearing it out! xx

  12. I love this look, it makes you look super leggy


  13. Erm, excuse me, what a fittie! Love this outfit on you, it's fab!
    Apparently Justin tweeted that he was in the HDN Hotel on Thursday night and loads of crazed fans turned up there and caused quite a lot trouble! Bieber Fever hits Liverpool! xxx

  14. Uch its good to have a lazy day now and again jade, dont make yourself feel guilty for doing that! :) hope you had a good night out, you look stunning in the pic! Can I steal your lovely slim legs please? :p xx

  15. Love your shirt! :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  16. Ah too bad he had already left! I love your outfit! Its so cute! I think I'm going to raid your closet.


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