Saturday, 26 March 2011

Big bows

This is a result of boredom and probably too much coffee to the brain. Obviously I didn't wear this out today; I just tried it randomly when I got home. Search "hair bow tutorial" on YouTube.

Went to Costa Coffee today and was talking to my friend about our leavers prom thing. Came to the conclusion that there are NO nice dresses in any stores. I have an image in my mind of what I want to look like (oh here we go):
Long, chiffon, cream dress with either nude or black patent heels.
It's not wrong to dream is it?! I saw The Dress a few months ago on The Cherry Blossom Girl blog but I don't have nearly £600 to spare :(
(Source: here)
Stunning! And I'm the kind of person who once I see something I really want, I pine for it until I get it. Obviously I will never get to own this BUUUUUT I asked my mum if we could ask family in China to go to some shop (not sweat shop) and get one made and then get it sent over and she said yes!! I really hope this idea works because I really want the dress!

And then after doing my hair in the bow, I thought maybe I could have it like for prom but I'd look a bit ridiculous like a cartoon, so maybe not.

But back to reality and what I wore today:
Shirt - New Look
Cardigan - New Look
Scarf - H&M
Belt - ASOS
Reality is poo.

P.S. I don't think it's wrong to want things when you already own similar things. FOR EXAMPLE, just because someone owns an iPhone and a Macbook, it's still ok to want an iPad 2. Just putting that out there ¬_¬


  1. i LOVE it!! your hair is ace!! I love your outfit! xx

  2. I love the hair bow! I've seen a tutorial before but I never actually tried it on myself!

  3. my hair would never look so good if i made a bow with it :( </3

  4. love the hair bow lovely! wish mine would turn out half as decent as yours! lol

  5. Aww I love the dress too, and you're outfit of the day is lovely, I love the scarf.
    I've re-read that... how many times can I put some form of love in one sentence? Haha.
    But I do love it.
    And here here, about wanting thing that are similar.
    I want an ipad 2, hopefully we'll win one on Monday, but I doubt it. Here's for wishing.

  6. i love your hair!! wish my hair was long enough <3

  7. Dayum girl that hair looks good, I tried it on mine but it just went 'thwuwwuuwt' *raspberry noise to show that it fell flat*
    Aww I hate it when you have an image of a dress in your head but there's no such thing in reality! I hope you get it made in China!!! :D xxx

  8. I love the bow! You should wear it out! :3

  9. cute hair! i wish i could make something like that look cool, haha. xx

  10. Oh your hair looks so prettyyyy!
    I thought you were wearing hair clips at first!
    Too bad I have such short hair. I'd love to try this out too,.

  11. Your hair is amazing and so is the dress, too bad about the price :(

    Emilia xo

  12. I wantr the Ipad 2 too! Love the hair. I am sooo going to search how to do this on youtube. I am going clubbing on Tuesday think this would be too much? xxxxx

  13. That hair bow is so cute! I thought it was a clip/hair piece at first, good job! xo

  14. Haha thats insaaaane that is your own hair missus! and not a clip in thing. It looks amazing :) mega envy, wish my hair was that long to do something half decent with it haha. xx

  15. Kim Neill - You might get a few looks haha but people would love it! x

  16. i loooove your hair! that dress really is beautiful though, i love how it's so elegant and the flowing length.
    just found your blog and i love it - following! :)

    Mollie from

  17. Like the hair bow!

    xo thefashionguitar

  18. Your hair is awesome!!!


  19. I love the big bow hair, I wish I could do that with mine!.

    As for the dress, that one is gorgeous! That is so unfortunate for the price though! That is quite a bit of money! I would love to see the dress you get from your family!

    I love the layering of your outfit!

    And I don't think that is wrong either. People make fun of me for having a mac, ipod touch, ipad, and soon to hopefully iphone. i mean they are all different. i want the ipad2 as well! (i won my ipad on a contest, but the new one is so much cooler!)

    Anyways I nominated you for an award on my blog, so check it out if you'd like!

  20. this looks amazing! i dont think its wrong to want similar things either! xx

  21. I love your hair bow and your new bag in your previous post. The outift looks lovely and of course it's okay to want an Ipad 2 even though you have a Iphone and a Macbook. I love your new header as well it looks lush. :) xx

  22. I think you did great with the hair bow!:D

    What a fab dream dress but woah at the price...

    ***** Marie *****

  23. Your hair looks so adorable:)


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